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Drift Roses - Colors, Care and Landscape Ideas

Drift Roses - Colors, Care and Landscape Ideas

Drift Roses are becoming one of hottest rose bushes on the market.  Why?  Simply because all of the exciting features that this variety has to offer.  Drift Roses are a cross between a ground cover rose and a miniature rose-bush.  They are very compact to the ground and will only get about 2 feet tall and about 3 feet wide.  The Drift Series was bred by Star Roses and Plants to be a low maintenance ground cover rose.  They will survive in hardiness growing zones of 5-10.

Drift Roses Features:

  • Superior Disease and Insect Resistant - They do not require any spraying
  • Winter Hardy to Zone 5
  • Great for Planting in Clusters, patio containers, and hanging baskets

Most Knockout Roses can get quite large.  The Drift Rose fills the gap in the landscape for smaller areas that require colorful shrubs.

Drift Roses Colors

If you're looking for a wide variety of color, Drift Roses come in all different colors of blooms!

Red are one of the most popular color of drift roses.  They also have a smaller bloom than the other drift rose colors.  The Red Drift Colors are deep and vibrant compared to the lighter colors of Drift Roses available.

Icy have a sparkling snow-white bloom.  They really stand out next to the red drift roses.  As blooms expire, they tend to brown out as new ones push back out.

Popcorn continuously product yellow blooms throughout the year from spring till frost!  This Rose gives off a nice creamy buttery bloom.  They look great when paired with the pink drift roses.

Peach have more of a larger bloom that completely covers this shrub.  It is one of the strongest disease resistant drift rose.

Pink have a dark pink color compared to the Peach and Coral.  They also have a larger flower that is not filled in the middle with other petals.  This bloom opens up wide and is flat.

Coral are more orange than the peach drift rose.  They are very showy and stand out more than the other drift rose colors.  They also are very winter hardy.

Pruning Drift Roses

Pruned Drift Rose

As your ground cover roses mature, they should be pruned to maintain strength and vigor.  The best time to prune these roses is in the spring.  There is no perfect way to prune your Drift Roses.  What you want to make sure is that you take about  1/3 to half of the plant off.  Don't worry, it will grow right back and stronger with more blooms.  You can simply take a pair of Shears and start to cut off the existing branches from last year.  Remove the debris and that's it!  Learn more on Pruning Drift Roses

The best time to plant your drift rose is any!  It really does not matter what time of year it is.  Your plants will succeed with water and sunlight.

Start by digging a hole two and a half times the width as the root ball.  This will ensure that the soil is nice and loose giving the new roots room to grow easily.  Make sure that you have a location that gets sunlight about 6-8 hours a day.  Also make sure that it is in an area that is well-drained.  After your hole is dug, start by inserting your drift rose into the hole and begin backfilling your plant.  Always make sure you fully saturate the hole with water after planting.  This will ensure that your rose-bush will be a success.

Mulch around your rose-bush when done.  Install a 1-3 inch layer of mulch (any type) to keep in moisture and control weeds.  Learn more about installing mulch.


Fertilizing Drift RosesWe suggest fertilizing your plants at time of planting.  By using our slow release fertilizer, your Drift Roses will have a better start getting established.  Our slow release fertilizer releases the food to the plant slowly so that as the plant grows, the nutrients can be taken up.  Fertilize your drift roses at least twice a year for better blooms. More on How to Fertilize your Plants.

Landscape Ideas

Drift Rose Landscape IdeasThere are so many ideas and ways to work with drift roses in your landscape.  Great for clusters in  landscape beds, in containers, small tight areas, and in hanging baskets.  Plant 3-6 staggered in front of larger shrubs for more of a layered look.  Do you have some columns at the end of your driveway?  Plant your drift roses around the base and enjoy colorful groundcover.  Plant 3 next to a boulder.  It will really soften your landscaping.

Drift Roses clustered together in groups of 3 or more give off a big punch.  The colors of the blooms will become one and really stand out in your landscape.  Start by picking a color of your choice and spacing them out 3-5 feet apart.  Stagger them apart so that they are not in a straight row.  Use taller shrubs behind the drift roses so that you have a backdrop and it will add color to your landscape.

Do you have septic covers in your landscape and not sure what to plant around them to cover them up?  These Drift Roses are the perfect choice.  Your landscape bed will go from ugly to pretty...

Drift Roses in Containers

Drift Rose in a containerDrift Roses planted in containers are a new and upcoming landscape idea.  Place your favorite container or large pot around your backyard patio or on each side of your front door.  Make sure that you use potting soil for this application.  Do not fill your container with soil out in the yard.  The potting soil gives the plant special drainage and moisture.  As your drift roses grow, they will produce tons of flowers which look really cool in containers.  Especially rustic stone landscapes because the drift roses are more natural and not a formal looking rose-bush.   Also, maintaining these roses in containers is also really easy.  If you live in a growing zone  not suitable for drift roses you can always bring them inside for the winter months to protect them from winter damage.

Hanging Baskets

Drift rose in a hanging potIf you have large deep hanging baskets, you can plant drift roses in them.  The blooms will overhang the basket providing blooms all season.  Switch it up a little.  Instead of using boston ferns in all your baskets, try some drift roses.  They will provide more color and also will grow year after year.

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