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How To Fertilize New Plants

Would you be interested in knowing how to fertilize your new plants?  Plants need food just like we do.  To get your plants off to a good start, fertilize when the spring growing period begins. Several gardeners utilize a general-purpose fertilizer at this time (either an equally balanced formula or one a little greater in nitrogen); others include only nitrogen. Exactly how frequently you fertilize later on in the year depends on the plant. Nutritional needs vary, so it is very important to check the particular requirements of the plants you buy.


fertilize new plants

Some plants are heavy feeders as well as benefit from regular applications of general-purpose fertilizers and additional nitrogen throughout the expanding period. Others-- often those that developed in nutrient-poor settings-- might require just one annual feeding with a general-purpose fertilizer. Fertilizer feeds plants and supplies nutrients that the plants need.  A high quality slow release balanced fertilizer is best for getting your new plants established and keeping them healthy.  Not all fertilizer is the same.  Stay away from cheap fertilizers.  They tend to only last about two weeks and will not keep feeding your plants.  A high quality fertilizer contains coated pearls.  Each pearl is designed to release nutrients for the plant slowly so that the plant can continue to grow.


fertilizing new plants

Fertilize New Plants

Start by sprinkling the fertilizer around the base of the plant.  The area that we want to place the fertilizer is around the edge of the root ball or where the branches hang out.  Do not place the fertilizer on the trunk of the plant or on the foliage.  Usually on new plants the area is about six inches to one foot from the center.  Follow the directions of the fertilizer.  Do not over fertilize. Use this article as a guide on how to fertilize new plants!

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