How To Grow Pink Muhly Grass From Seed

How To Grow Pink Muhly Grass From Seed

Wondering how to grow Pink Muhly Grass from seed? The Pink Muhly Grass is a stunning ornamental grass that adds color and texture to the landscape. In late summer billowy pink blooms emerge above the compact, mounded foliage. These airy pink blooms dance in the breeze throughout fall offering a long season of colorful flowers. While this grass is a perennial, it holds winter interest. The pink plumes and green leaf blades fade to tan, but keep their shape throughout winter. Pink Cotton Candy Muhly grass isn’t always easy to find at your local garden center. But you can buy garden plants online any time of year.

Pink Cotton Candy Muhly Grass Features

Pink Cotton Candy Muhly Grass is low maintenance and pest, deer, and disease resistant. It is also drought, heat, pollution, and salt tolerant. Muhly grass is not invasive.

Pink Cotton Candy Muhly Grass Care

Plant Pink Cotton Candy Muhly grass in growing zones 6 to 9 for best results.
  1. Pick your spot. Full sun is best for muhly grass, but some shade is fine especially in warmer climates. This hardy ornamental grass tolerates any soil that drains well. So unless your planting site has standing water you are good to go.
  2. Water. You must water your newly planted pink muhly grass seed well. Keep it moist for at least the first month. It is very drought tolerant after establishment, but will grow best when it is watered deeply on occasion in periods of heat and drought.
  3. Fertilize. Feed your Pink Cotton Candy Muhly Grass a balanced slow release fertilizer in spring. If you have nutrient weak soil or haven’t seen a lot of blooms in previous years go ahead and fertilize again in mid to late summer.
  4. Mulch. Applying 1 to 2 inches of mulch a bit farther out than the root zone extends when planting is a great option to keep weeds at bay as well as reduce watering needs by allowing the soil to better retain moisture. We also recommend applying a hearty mound of mulch in late fall especially in zones 6 to 7a to protect the roots in winter.
  5. Prune. Trimming your Pink Cotton Candy Muhly grass back close to the ground can be done anytime after the grass browns, but we recommend pruning back in late winter or early spring to enjoy the winter interest this grass provides.

Pink Cotton Candy Muhly Grass in the Landscape

Pink Cotton Candy Muhly grass only reaches 2 to 3 feet tall and wide so it works in many landscapes. Its salt and wind tolerance make it great for coastal areas. But this grass is lovely just about anywhere whether it be city, country, or suburban

Our favorite landscape use to maximize the lovely whimsy of the pink fall plumes are mass plantings. Groups of 3 or 5 look lovely in foundation plantings or mixed beds. Welcome visitors by lining a walkway with Pink Cotton Candy Muhly grass. Plant this grass about 2 feet apart for a uniform look.

Pink Cotton Candy Muhly grass stands out on its own so even a single plant by a mailbox or in an area you want to highlight will look amazing.

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