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How to Water New Trees and Shrubs

How to Water New Trees and Shrubs

Watering your plants at initial installation is very important.  Watering your plants incorrectly it is why most plants die after they are planted. The best thing to do is to use your garden hose and remove the spray end if there is one on the hose.  We want to use the hose by itself or with a shower wand.

Turn on the hose and open the valve so that the water is not gushing out of the hose but just running slowly. Start by running the water over the root ball until it cannot take any more water.  Do it slowly.  You may have to water one plant for a minute and then go to the next one.  Go back and forth a few times just to make sure that the plant is fully saturated.

For the next week we suggest watering your new plants every day.  Make sure the water is getting down into the root ball and not just running off the top. The following week, you can begin to start spacing the days between watering.  Water the following week 3 times. The third week, you can start to water as needed.

To see if the plant needs water, stick your finger under the mulch between the root ball and the dug hole.  If it is moist then you can delay watering because it does not need any watering.  If the soil is very dry, you can begin to water deeply so that the water gets to all the roots of the plant.

Always keep a close eye on your plants for the first 3-4 weeks after planting.  This is the most critical time for the plant to become established. If you have irrigation, that's great but it's for established plants.  Do not rely on your irrigation system.  Hand water your plants for the first 3-4 weeks.

Too much water - Your plants will show signs of yellowing and dropping leaves if they are getting too much water.  If your not sure, dip your fingers in the soil and check for moisture.  If its muddy, then your plants are getting too much water.  Let your plants dry out for a few days before watering.

Not enough water - Your plants will begin wilting if they are not getting enough water.  Apply water to your plants if you see wilting.  Within a few hours they will perk back up. Always use a good fertilizer to feed your plants and provide nutrition.

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