Citrus Trees Description

Citrus trees are fun to grow and are easy to grow organically. Even though they don't tolerate freezing temperatures you can grow dwarf citrus trees in containers indoors or move them inside during winter. They tolerate heavy pruning and still produce fragrant flowers and fruit! All of our citrus trees for sale are grafted so you can enjoy fruit in the very first year even in the smallest sizes!

Key Lime trees offer big flavor in a little package! Imagine making a key lime pie with your very own, home-grown, organic key limes! Key lime zest is amazing in recipes too!

Meyer Lemon trees are the number one indoor citrus performer and they are delicious too! Sweeter than traditional lemons, but still with that tartness we want in our lemons, the Meyer Lemon is a hit in any citrus recipe! Enjoy blooms and fruit up to 4 times per year! 

Variegated Meyer Lemon plants add flare to your citrus garden. You'll enjoy a beautiful plant with lovely variegated foliage and fruit. Don't worry; the fruit isn't short on flavor!

Plant your citrus trees in full sun and well drained soil. Citrus trees prefer humid environments, but like their roots to dry out between waterings. Whether in a container or the ground water when the soil has dried out down to about 2 inches and be sure your plant is not sitting in water. Fertilize with our balanced, slow release fertilizer when planting and in early spring and late summer. Prune anytime for shape and size maintenance. Our dwarf citrus trees grow in zones 8b to 11 in the ground. Otherwise it must be grown in containers and protected during the winter. Citrus trees are naturally pest and disease resistant so enjoy organic fruit with ease!

Citrus trees are surprisingly easy to care for. They just need light, fertilizer, water, and a little bit of love!

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