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When Should You Plant Dwarf Fruit Trees Zone 9?

In zone 9 you can plant fruit trees in spring, fall, and winter. Avoid late spring and summer planting as it causes extreme stress to new trees in these hot climates. Winters are very mild in these subtropical regions so it is a great time to plant dwarf fruit trees. 

How to Plant Dwarf Fruit Trees Zone 9

Water your potted dwarf fruit tree right before planting. Dig a hole about 2 times wider than the root ball, but not quite as deep as it is tall. When you place your fruit tree in the hole the top of the root ball should be slightly visible above the existing soil line. Backfill with the native soil around the root ball and gently tamp the soil down to remove any air pockets. Water deeply with a hose at the base of your new fruit tree. Let the hose run for about 2 to 3 minutes. Add 1 to 2 inches of mulch around your dwarf fruit tree zone 9 to help keep the soil moist while your newly planted tree is establishing.

Can You Grow Zone 9 Dwarf Fruit Trees in Containers?

Dwarf fruit trees are excellent options for pot growing. You can grow fig trees, like celeste and little miss figgy, and citrus trees, like the meyer lemon, eureka lemon, and key lime, in containers. Be sure your potted dwarf fruit tree is happy and healthy by choosing the right pot. Make sure the pot has good drainage. Water your fruit plants when the soil starts to dry. Citrus trees like humidity so water over the leaves daily. Fig trees and citrus trees are quite fast growing for dwarf fruit trees, but planting them in pots will slow the growth rate somewhat. They also tolerate pruning well if you want to keep them small. 

Can Dwarf Fruit Trees Zone 9 be Grown Indoors?

Dwarf tropical fruit trees like meyer lemon, eureka lemon, and key lime are great citrus trees for growing indoors. Provide them with an optimal environment and they will thrive and produce flowers and fruit. Citrus plants require full sun, so choose a bright spot in your home or use plant lights. These tropical trees love humidity so mist them daily or use a humidifier (especially in winter) for best results. 

Where to Buy Dwarf Fruit Trees Zone 8

Buy dwarf fruit trees for zone 9 here. Plantingtree is a family owned and operated online plant nursery that ships throughout the continental United States. We carry, sell, and ship high quality plants and trees for sale. Our dwarf fruit trees zone 9 for sale are well-branched, and ready to plant! We pick and pack your order the day it ships out so it is fresh and healthy upon arrival to your doorstep. Scroll up to see our in stock dwarf fruit trees that grow in zone 9. 

Dwarf Fig Trees Zone 9

Celeste Fig Tree

Ficus carica 'Celestial'

Growing Zones 7-10

Mature Size: 5 to 10 feet tall and wide

Celeste fig trees are great for containers and small spaces. This dwarf fruit tree is heat and drought tolerant and pest and disease resistant. The flavor of this fig is sugary-sweet. 

Little Miss Figgy Fig Tree

Ficus carica 'Miss Figgy'

Growing Zones 7-10 

Mature Size: 4 to 6 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide

This dwarf fig tree is a new variety. It is the smallest fig you can find on the market today. It is perfect for pots with no pruning required! The little miss figgy fig tree produces a heavy crop despite its petite size. It is also pest and disease resistant.

Dwarf Citrus Trees Zone 9

Eureka Lemon 

Citrus limon 'Variegated Meyer'

Growing Zones 9, 10

Mature Size: Up to 10 feet tall in ground, 6 feet tall in containers.

The eureka lemon has attractive and unique variegation on its fruit and leaves. This variegated citrus tree is a must have for your dwarf fruit tree collection! The fruit is flavorful and has pink flesh.

Key Lime 

Citrus aurantifolia

Growing Zones 9, 10

Mature Size: 8 to 10 feet tall and 5 to 6 feet wide, smaller in containers

This dwarf tropical fruit tree is easy to grow in pots. The key lime tree can be pruned heavily to keep it very small if you’d like. It can still produce a lot of limes when it is maintained as a compact bush. Key limes are small, tart, and sweet and excellent for making pies.

Meyer Lemon Tree

Citrus x meyeri

Growing Zones 8-10

Mature Size: 6 to 8 feet tall and 4 to 5 feet wide

The meyer lemon tree is an excellent dwarf fruit tree. This dwarf lemon tree grows well in containers and can even be grown inside with proper care! The delicious lemons from this tree are sweeter than traditional lemons. This small citrus tree produces fruit in the first year. The meyer lemon tree can produce blooms and fruit up to 4 times per year!

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