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Dwarf Trees Zone 9

A collection of the most popular Dwarf trees for the zone 9 region. Order online for fast delivery. Hand selected dwarf trees for your landscape.

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Meyer Lemon Tree
82 reviews
Bloodgood Japanese Maple
73 reviews
$89.95 $79.95
Rising Sun Redbud
96 reviews
Sky Pencil Holly
57 reviews
Key Lime Tree
20 reviews
Ruby Falls Redbud
48 reviews
Purple Magic Crape Myrtle
42 reviews
Tonto Crape Myrtle
20 reviews
Blue Point Juniper
33 reviews
Black Dragon Cryptomeria
32 reviews

What Kind of Dwarf Trees Grow Well in Zone 9?

There are many small trees that can grow in zone 9. We carry several types of rose trees, including knock out roses, that grow well in zone 9. Holly trees are great dwarf evergreen trees for warm climates. Dwarf redbuds, palm trees, and dwarf crape myrtles are excellent small trees for zone 9. We also carry dwarf fig trees and dwarf citrus trees. These types of fruit trees are heat tolerant and thrive in the zone 9 climate. 

What are the Best Dwarf Fruit Trees for Zone 9?

We recommend planting dwarf citrus trees, like the meyer lemon, key lime, and variegated eureka lemon in zone 9. These dwarf fruit trees grow really well in zone 9 regions that are humid. Dwarf fig trees are another excellent option for zone 9. The celeste fig tree and the little miss figgy fig tree are small fig trees that can fit just about anywhere in your landscape. They are easy to grow and heat and drought tolerant. 

When to Plant Dwarf Trees Zone 9

You can plant dwarf trees in spring, fall, and winter in zone 9. Avoid planting trees in late spring and summer planting. The intense heat, sun, and drought can cause a newly planted tree a lot of stress. Zone 9 is a subtropical zone so winters tend to be very mild. This makes winter a great time to plant.

How to Plant Dwarf Trees Zone 9

Keep your potted dwarf tree watered well until you are able to plant it in the ground. Be sure to water the root ball thoroughly right before planting. The hole for your tree should be at least twice as wide as the root ball. When you place your dwarf tree in the hole the top of the root ball should be slightly visible above the existing soil line. This ensures you do not plant your tree too deeply. Backfill the soil around the root ball and gently tamp the soil down to remove any air pockets. Water deeply at the base of your new tree. Let your hose run for about 2 to 3 minutes to ensure there is ideal water penetration. Add 1 to 2 inches of mulch around your dwarf tree zone 9 to help keep the soil moist while your newly planted tree is establishing.

Where to Buy Dwarf Trees Zone 9

Buy dwarf trees for zone 9 here. Plantingtree is a family owned and operated online plant nursery that ships throughout the continental United States. We ship premium plants and trees for sale right to your doorstep. Our dwarf trees zone 9 for sale are well-branched and ready to plant! We pick and pack your order the day it ships out so it is fresh and healthy upon arrival to your home. Scroll up to see our available dwarf trees for zone 9. 

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