Steeds Holly

Steeds Holly

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Introduction Unique Holly that is Easy to Grow Adds character to your front entrance Great anchor plant for smaller areas Also makes a perfect med...

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Popular for their glossy leaves and berries so often used in holiday decorations as well as their use in landscape, the Holly is a versatile plant. The Holly, or Ilex, is a popular, hardy group of primarily evergreen shrubs and trees. Hollies are tough plants that require minimal maintenance.

The berries are a main food source for many birds and other wildlife. So, you’ll get to bird watch while you admire those colorful berries atop a deep green foliage backdrop!

The varieties of Holly are extremely diverse and offer shrubs of all sizes and shapes, perfect for just about any landscape plan!

The Compact Japanese Holly has dark green soft touch leaves. This holly is easy to grow and very versatile. Keep it manicured for a high-end look and leave it be for a natural look. Great for topiary and planters, this shrub can really spice up your landscape!

The Dwarf Burfordi Holly is perfect for coastal areas and warmer regions of the country. This hardy holly is pest, disease, deer, and rabbit resistant as well as pollution and salt tolerant. With a naturally rounded shape and moderate size of 5 to 6 feet wide and tall at maturity this evergreen works in just about any type of landscape. The Dwarf Burford Holly makes a gorgeous hedge.

A fast growing, evergreen that is hardy, low maintenance AND perfect for hedges and privacy screens?! Meet the Nellie Stevens Holly. This large shrub is a landscape gem! They even look amazing as an anchor or single specimen plant. Just plant and let them do their thing.

The low maintenance Oakland Holly has soft, emerald green leaves that, yes, do resemble oak leaves! Very similar in size and shape the American Holly, but with a soft texture that won’t catch on your sweater as your walk by. The Oakleaf Holly is perfect for a hedge or an accent shrub.

The elegant Sky Pencil Holly is such a treat for the home gardener! With its columnar shape and small-leaved, dense foliage this evergreen adds an upscale look to any landscape. A stunning accent shrub, unique screen or perfect container plant for entryways, the Sky Pencil is as versatile as it is lovely

No need to get pricked or poked with the lovely Soft Touch Holly. This compact little shrub is easy to grow. At a mature size of only 2 feet tall and wide and with a naturally round shape this holly is great for containers.

Naturally lush and pyramidal the Steed’s Holly requires minimal maintenance. The small, deep green leaves darken with age and are often compared to boxwood leaves. This tough holly is great as a hedge or an accent shrub.

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