TreeGator Jr Pro

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The Tree Gator Jr Pro is a Low Profile, Slow Release, Drip Watering Bag for New Trees, Shrubs and Evergreens

Did you know that new trees and shrubs most commonly die from lack of water?  New plantings require a significantly higher amount of water than established plants.  The Tree Gator takes care of this extra work for you, while reducing transplant shock and eliminating drought stress.

The Tree Gator Jr Pro is so easy to use, taking less than 5 minutes to set up and fill with your garden hose.

With the 15 gallon capacity of the Tree Gator Jr Pro most new shrubs and trees will only need to be refilled once weekly!

The low profile and the brown color of this all in 1 drip watering system helps it blend into your landscape, but it you still don't like the looks the Tree Gator JR around your new tree, simply cover with mulch!

The Tree Gator Jr Pro installs in minutes, eliminates water waste and promotes deep root growth!

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