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Rapitest Soil Tester

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The Rapitest Soil Tester offers a complete soil test kit in an easy to use, affordable package. Testing your soil gives you the exact information you need to provide your plants, trees, and lawn the best care. The Rapitest Soil Tester provides quick results for soil pH and soil nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (potash). The kit includes 4 pH tests, and 2 tests for each macro-nutrient.

Plants need the proper pH to absorb the nutrients they need to thrive. Knowing your pH allows you to choose the best plants for your environment or provides the information you need to make the best plan to adjust to your desired pH. Nitrogen is vital for green growth. Low nitrogen causes unhealthy, stunted and/or spindly plants with small, light green and yellowing leaves. Phosphorus is crucial for strong and healthy root development. When phosphorus is lacking plants are stunted and unhealthy. Potassium is necessary for fruit and flower development. Potassium deficiency affects plant growth and root development as well seed and fruit development.

Testing your soil is especially important when you are planting a new lawn or fertilizing your lawn. The Rapitest Soil Test kit will tell you if you need to amend your soil and what nutrients your soil needs for your grass to grow lush and green. This test is also useful when you want to grow plants like hydrangeas that need to have a certain soil pH to achieve your desired color. Use the Rapitest Soil Tester when you are starting a new garden for best results.

The Rapitest Soil Tester helps reduce the overuse of fertilizers. Not only can over fertilizing be unhealthy for your plants, it is harmful for the environment and can create runoff that degrades streams and rivers and causes negative consequences for the water and the fish. This even includes drinking water.


Tests & capsules are color-coded to compare results: Green = pH Purple = Nitrogen Blue = Phosphorus Orange = Potash

Take a soil sample from about 4" below the surface.


1. Remove cap from one of the the green capped tubes. Remove the green capsules.

2. Fill tube with soil to the first line.

3. Carefully open a green capsule and pour powder into the tube.

4. Add water (preferably distilled) to the fourth line.

5. Cap tube and shake thoroughly.

6. Allow soil to settle and color to develop for about a minute.

7. Compare color of solution to the pH color chart.


Fill a clean jar or can with 1 part soil and 5 parts water. Thoroughly shake or stir the soil and water together for at least one minute and then allow the mixture to settle out for at least 10 minutes.

1. Remove the cap from the tube. Remove colored capsules. (Please note that the color of the capsules should match the color of the tube cap.) Fill the tube to the fourth line with liquid from your soil mixture. Avoid disturbing the sediment.

2. Carefully separate the two halves of one of the capsules. Pour the powder into the tube.

3. Cap the tube and shake thoroughly. Allow color to develop for about 10 minutes.

4. Compare color of solution to the appropriate portion of the plant food color chart. For best results allow daylight, not direct sunlight, to illuminate the solution. Note your results.


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