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Flirt Nandina

Nandina Flirt™

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Introduction Add Pops of Rich Color to your Landscape Anywhere! Vibrant red color all year long! Dwarf variety that only grows to 2 feet tall and ...

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What are Low Maintenance Plants?

Plants that are low maintenance are easy to grow and require minimal care. Most low maintenance plants are drought resistant once established. These tough plants are often disease and pest resistant. Low maintenance plants are great for beginner gardeners and amature landscapers. But even seasoned gardeners love using low maintenance plants in their landscapes. Low maintenance plants save you time, money, and hassle and still provide a beautiful landscape. They are better for the environment often requiring less water, less chemicals, and less fertilizer.

What are the Best Low Maintenance Plants?

There are so many easy to grow plants to choose from. We carry low maintenance flowering shrubs like azaleas, loropetalum, camellia, drift and knock out roses. For year-round landscape interest look to hollies, junipers, loropetalum, nandina, cryptomeria, arborvitae, spruce, evergreen magnolias, ligustrum, and wax myrtles. Ornamental grasses are an excellent low maintenance option to add texture to the home landscape. We have a wide variety of ornamental grasses for sale. All of our shade trees are low maintenance once they are established. We also carry many flowering trees that are low maintenance. Choose redbuds, magnolias, and crape myrtles for great color and easy care. 

What are Some Low Maintenance Ground Cover Plants?

Liriope (lilyturf) plants are excellent plants for borders. The blue rug juniper and the blue pacific juniper are excellent low growing groundcover. Drift roses are beautiful flowering ground cover plants. Asiatic jasmine is a vine that makes a lovely low maintenance ground cover and grows well in shade. 

What Indoor Plants are Low Maintenance?

Several indoor plants require minimal care. Yucca cane, kimberly queen fern, majesty palm, peace lily plant, croton petra, red edged dracaena are all easy care houseplants. Just give them some natural light and water them when the soil dries. 

How to Plant Low Maintenance Plants

First, make sure the low maintenance plant you choose grows well in your growing zone. Next, be sure your site is appropriated for the plant. Determine the sunlight and soil requirements. 

Now you are ready to purchase your plant. Once you receive your plant, water it well and keep the soil moist until you are ready to plant. Water your potted plant thoroughly immediately before planting. Dig a hole at least twice as wide as the root ball of your low maintenance plant. Place your plant evenly in the hole. The top of the root ball should be slightly higher than the soil line. Backfill the soil and tamp it down gently to remove air pockets. Mulch your plant with 1 to 2 inches of mulch extended at least a few inches past the rootzone or drip zone, whichever is larger. Mulch helps the ground retain moisture and reduces weeds. Finally, water deeply until the ground is completely saturated. 

Where to Buy Low Maintenance Plants

At PlantingTree we have hundreds of low maintenance plants to choose from for your landscape project. We are a family owned and operated online plant store that specializes in low maintenance plants and trees. Buy low maintenance plants for sale online and have them shipped to your doorstep. Our website is user friendly. We also have customer service agents standing by to assist you. 

For more low maintenance plants, be sure to check out additional options here.

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