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From Bonide, a trusted leader in pest solutions, Eight Garden and Home controls over 130 different insect pests on fruits, roses, flowers, lawns, shrubs, trees, and over 60 varieties of ornamentals. Eight is ready to use in a simple spray bottle perfect for the busy gardener. This pesticide is water-based and has no odor.  Bonide Eight Garden and Home kills insects on contact without harming your plants.

Since 1926 Bonide has been committed to providing the best possible solutions for home, lawn, and garden pest problems.

Eight Garden and Home Kills: Ants, Aphids, Budworms, Cockroaches, Deer ticks, Earwigs, Fleas, Japanese Beetles, Leaf Hoppers, Mites, Mosquitoes and many more!  View the label for a detailed list.

Eight Garden and Home is safe for use on the following plants: Fruits, Vegetables, Perennials, Annuals, Lawns, Shrubs, and Trees. This includes but is not limited to arborvitae, azaleas, birch, boxwood, camellias, euonymus, firs, hollies, ivy, junipers, lilacs, maples, ninebark, oaks, palms, poplars, rhododendrons, roses, spruce, thuja, and willows.

Eight Garden and Home is great for outdoor surfaces and keeping pests from entering your home as well.  Spray in cracks, crevices, around your home's foundation, and on surfaces for control of ants, cockroaches, scorpions, fleas, flies, deer ticks, spiders and many more!

Bonide Eight Garden and Home is multipurpose.  Control pests on your plants and outdoors.  One easy to use bottle by your side to keep insects around your home and garden in check!  Buy today and peace of mind will be yours!


Spray about 1 foot from the plant or surface you want to treat. Spot spray on your plants or surfaces to kill insects on contact.  

Plants and Trees:

For plant infestation, spray the leaves on both sides and any part of the plant that is affected.  For scale be sure to coat the branches and trunk as well for best results.


Thoroughly wet the area about 3 hours prior to treating your lawn.  Thoroughly coat the entire area you want to treat.  1 bottle will treat about 62.5sqft.

See label for further details.

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