Espoma Organic Citrus-tone Fertilizer

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Espoma Citrus Tone is the best choice to feed your citrus trees. This exceptional plant fertilizer has a guaranteed analysis of 5-2-6 which is ideal for citrus plants and other fruit and nut trees. Citrus-tone is all natural and long lasting. This slow release fertilizer provides consistent nutrients for your citrus tree. It is made of only the best organic ingredients including Espoma’s patented Bio-tone microbes. These microbes help you achieve the healthiest plant. Citrus-tone has the perfect combination of natural ingredients to help your plants grow the largest and most delicious fruit! 

Key Features

  • Natural Ingredients. Espoma selects the ideal organic ingredients for its products. They are 100% natural and organic!

  • Slow release. Citrus Tone is a slow release fertilizer that is long lasting. It continuously feeds your plants from dose to dose.

  • Bio-tone microbes. This exclusive formula of healthy bacteria creates an ideal soil environment for your plants to better absorb nutrients. 

  • A perfect balance of nutrients. Espoma specially formulated this product to be the ideal food for citrus trees. 

Use Citrus-Tone and improve your fruit crop quantity and quality! Order yours today when you order one of our healthy and high quality citrus trees! We highly recommend the Meyer Lemon. It can be grown indoors in even the coldest climates and makes a beautiful patio plant!


Newly Planted Citrus:

  • When planting your new citrus tree, dig a hole twice as wide and the same depth as the root ball. 

  • Replace 1/3 of the native soil with compost, peat moss, or organic planting mix.

  • Mix 1 cup of Espoma Citrus-tone into the amended soil.

  • In the center of the hole create a small cone of soil and place the tree on this mound. Allow the loosened roots to fan out over the mound. 

  • Use the blended soil to backfill the hole around your citrus tree. Gently tamp the soil down to remove air pockets. 

  • Be sure that the top of the root ball is at or slightly above the existing soil line for best results. 

  • Water deeply after planting.

Established Plants: 

Established plants should be fed in late winter, late spring, and early fall.

Apply Espoma Citrus Tone around the dripline or your tree (where the outer branches of the canopy are) and mix into the soil. Plant food should not be applied within 6 inches of the trunk of larger trees. Water thoroughly after each application.

Application Rates for New and Established Plants:

Plant Size

Lbs. to Apply

Cups to Apply

Up to 3 Feet



3-6 Feet



7-9  Feet



Over 9 Feet



Potted Plants:

Potted citrus plants should be fed every 60 days in late winter through fall. 

Apply one teaspoon per 4 inch pot diameter. For containers over 12 inches in diameter, double this dosage.

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