Corkscrew Willow

Corkscrew Willow


Introduction There is Nothing Else Like the Corkscrew Willow! Unique and Stunning! Fast Growing! Year-Round Interest Never Bareroot... All plants...

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Shade Trees

Shade Trees provide a beautiful focal point, as well cool you and your home on hot summer days. Enjoy the display as new colors emerge and impress in fall. Your shade tree will begin to shed leaves in late fall/early winter allowing sunlight to shine through it’s branches and heat your home. As your shade tree grows, treasure the memories of your children and grandchildren climbing it’s branches or reading a book under the shady canopy. Shade trees are a lovely, fun, and practical addition to any yard.

We have fast growing shade trees for sale that are ready to ship to you! Our Shade Trees are on sale and ready to plant. Enjoy large sizes up to 7 feet tall for faster establishment and shade.

Enjoy planting a Maple Tree or Oak Tree in your yard. Each one of our shade trees is carefully packaged just for you. Enjoy the ease of ordering your trees online, receive them fast from Fedex, open your boxes and enjoy! Our shade trees are too large to fix in your car anyways... Let us do the work and ship them to your front door.

Best Shade Trees
Maple Trees - Some of the fastest growing shade trees for sale online. Take a look at our Autumn Blaze Maple or our Red Sunset Maple Trees. Both Maples are fast growing shade trees and are very hardy. Simply plant your shade tree in your yard and enjoy.

Oak Trees - Some of the strongest trees available. As your oak tree begins to grow, it will provide many years of shade and comfort to your yard. Attract more wildlife with oak trees.

Weeping Willow Trees - Always wanted a weeping willow tree? Our weeping willow trees are huge! Weeping Willow Trees are great for absorbing water in wet areas of the yard. Willow Trees are an excellent source for shade. These shade trees will look great out in your yard or draping over your patio!

Birch Trees - Fast Growing Shade Trees that are great for up-lighting! We have clump birch trees that will withstand the heat. Plant a grouping out in your yard for great shade and character. Birch trees are a fast grower. Expect at least 2-3 feet per year of growth.

These are some of the best shade trees The Planting Tree ships online. Our trees are ready to plant and come in a container with potting soil.

Check out our article on The Best Flowering Shade Trees

Be sure to browse our Oak Tree collection for additional tree options.

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