Weeping Willow Tree

Salix babylonica
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The Weeping Willow Tree is a graceful and refined shade tree with long, ground-sweeping branches. This beautiful shade tree will grow to astounding heights and will do so at a very accelerated rate. Reaching heights of 30’ to 40’ and a mature width of 35’ this tree will provide a cool shady oasis for hot summer days. Willow trees have pretty green foliage that can be characterized as long and thin shaped leaves. They are one of the first to produce foliage in the spring and one of the last trees to drop yellow/green leaves in the fall.

Shipping Restriction AZ, LA
Soil Type Adaptable, Wet
Sunlight Full Sun, Part Shade, Part Sun
Drought Tolerance Good
Mature Height 40-60 Feet
Mature Width 30-40 Feet
Fall Color Yellow

How To Care

When planting your Weeping Willow tree be sure you have the right location and conditions for your new tree to thrive. Spring and Fall are ideal times to plant. However, if you avoid extreme temperatures you can plant your Willow tree almost any time of the year.

Weeping Willows thrive in full sun to part shade and are adaptable to almost any soil as long as it isn't dry. Water deeply 2-3 times weekly for the first 3 months after planting. This helps the tree's roots establish properly. You want to continue to keep the ground moist, especially for the first 2 years. Try using a Treegator and/or adding 2-3 inches of mulch to your young tree to reduce hand watering needs. Examine the leaves regularly to address any signs of over watering or under watering. Falling of leaves can be a sign of under watering. Weeping Willows are great for areas with standing water. Water your mature tree in dry periods. Otherwise, the water requirements are greatly reduced once your tree has been in the ground about 2 years. If your tree needs a boost, fertilize in early spring with a basic slow release fertilizer. Weeping Willows don't generally require pruning, but, if needed, prune when they are dormant in winter or early spring to remove any dead, dying, or crowded branches, or to maintain shape. The Weeping Willow is deer tolerant.

The best way to prevent disease and pests is by providing the appropriate care for your plants. Proper location choice, watering, and fertilization are the keys to your success. Weeping Willows rarely have issues with pests or disease. Occasionally, Scale and Aphids can affect Willows. You can treat these pests naturally with horticultural oil, neem oil, or insecticidal soap. For severe infections you can use pesticides like carbaryl, also known as Sevin. Fungal issues can arise on occasion. Generally, treating after infection isn't extremely effective, so if you have problems yearly treat in early spring with fungicides to prevent infection.

Shipping Restriction AZ, LA
Soil Type Adaptable, Wet
Sunlight Full Sun, Part Shade, Part Sun
Drought Tolerance Good
Mature Height 40-60 Feet
Mature Width 30-40 Feet
Fall Color Yellow

Landscape Ideas

One of the great characteristics of a Willow Tree is its ability to soak up excess water. Have a problem area in your landscape where standing water is being a nuisance? The Weeping Willow will absorb all that extra water and provide shade in the process. These trees are great to plant beside ponds and lakes because of their love for excess water. Even though these trees are normally found near bodies of water, they will thrive in almost any condition and display some tolerance to drought.

Weeping Willow trees are very adaptable to different types of soils and growing conditions and can even help minimize soil erosion. The Weeping Willow tree is sure to enchant your landscape with its beautiful and sweeping branches.

Shipping Restriction AZ, LA
Soil Type Adaptable, Wet
Sunlight Full Sun, Part Shade, Part Sun
Drought Tolerance Good
Mature Height 40-60 Feet
Mature Width 30-40 Feet
Fall Color Yellow

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Dave S.
United States


Ease of ordering, product quality and simplicity of planting make using PlantingTree a no brainer. We found a place where we hope this weeping willow thrives and brings forth the beauty of a true majestic giant.

Charles D.
United States

Weeping Willow Tree

It was bigger and more healthy than I anticipated. I think it will thrive!

Harold R.
United States

Best deal ever!

The tree was in amazing condition, the soil was still wet when it came. It’s been in the ground for a bit now and never even wilted from the transplant.

Ken L.
United States

Nice look at a reasonable price

Our Willow tree came well packed and unharmed. It was a approximately 7' tall with a good amount of branches.We immediately planted it and it appears to be rooting, since we are starting to see new growth. We where apprehensive about buying a tree online, but could not find one locally. We were pleasantly surprised!

Kevin G.
United States

Great Tree, Great Price, Great Customer Support - yeah that sums it up

Great tree - well packaged - tracking the package was easy. Very pleased with everything.

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