TripleStart™ HydroCover Seed Starter

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Step 1: TripleStart can be applied by hand or using a drop spreader.  Take care when preparing your seed bed.  Making sure that the soil is tilled up and loose allowing the seed to germinate.  

Step 2: Spread seed at 5-10lbs. per 1000 sq ft.  We recommend Lesco Seed for best results.

Step 3: Rake in seed using a leaf rake or garden rake.  Raking in the seed will allow the seed to make good contact with the soil.

Step 4: Spread starter fertilizer.  We recommend lesco 18-24-12.  This starter fertilizer contains all of the nutrients the seed will need to get started for the next 4-5 weeks.

Step 5: Apply TripleStart at a rate of 50-75 lbs./1000 sq ft.  Granuales should look to be spaced about 1/2" apart.

Step 6: Water in lightly allowing the triplestart to absorb the water and also watering in the seed.  Keep watered daily lightly to keep seed moist and prevent drying out.  Once seed starts to germinate, back off watering and start to space watering out every other day until fully germinated. 

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