Pink Mandevilla Vine

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Are you looking for an exotic plant that gives you a mini vacation every time you gaze upon it? The Pink Mandevilla Vine is a beautiful tropical plant that is absolutely mesmerizing. It is a woody vine that seems to smile at the heat, putting out beautiful pink trumpet shaped blooms along its woody, twining stem.

Mandevilla Vines grow well in hot climates and is known well for its vining abilities. Many people adorn their telephone poles and mailboxes with the showy trumpet shaped flowers.

Although, this beauty thrives in the hot sun, it also serves as a great house plant. They are relatively easy to keep and can be kept in a pot to move indoors when the weather gets cool. The pretty pink blossoms are characterized by their beautiful trumpet shape. With oval shaped, evergreen leaves and blooms developing 4 inches across, the Mandevilla will demand the attention of onlookers.

The Pink Mandevilla thrives in full sun and tolerates a wide range of soil conditions as long as the soil is well drained. It can be kept as a vining plant or can be pinched back to allow for a bushier effect. The Mandevilla must be brought indoors when winter rolls around due to its preference to warm temperatures.

Tropical plants can add warmth to anyone’s garden or home. Just gazing upon the beautiful pink blooms of the Mandevilla plant will attest to its beautiful and elegant nature. Fragrant blooms and sunny skies, the Mandevilla with promise an abundance of tropical beauty either indoors or outdoors.

Adorn your mailbox, front porch or simply a corner in your home with the Pink Mandevilla today.

Shipping Restriction AZ, LA
Soil Type Adaptable
Sunlight Full Sun
Drought Tolerance Good
Bloom Color Pink

Landscape Ideas

Mandevillas are used as a flowering vine around fences and trellises and over mailboxes.  This pretty vine is used as an annual in climates other than very warm climates like growing zone 10 and 11. However, you can grow in a container and move inside in winter to enjoy year after year.

Shipping Restriction AZ, LA
Soil Type Adaptable
Sunlight Full Sun
Drought Tolerance Good
Bloom Color Pink

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Angie U.
United States

Gift for Mom

I was hesitant to have a plant delivered but the process was easy and my mom’s plant arrived in great shape and at the perfect time. She says it is beautiful!

Sonja C.
United States


The service was good but the plant wasnotingreat shape. They are strong plants and will thrive eventually


The Pink Mandevilla that made Momma that made Momma happy!

I purchased the Pink Mandeviila for my Mother as a Mother's Day gift. I have not seen the plant as I love in Ohio and Mom is in Tennessee. She told me she almost forgot to call me when her gift arrived. She said she just could not get over it's beauty. The plant arrived with three beautiful blooms that Mom found amzing.


Overall a good delivery the plants are doing well

Overall the plants looked good when they arrived, however, one of the plants had all its flowers driedIt took some effort to revive that one plant The second plant was in great shape ??

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