Excelsior Matting - Seed Starter Blanket
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When it comes to growing grass on slopes, look no further than using an erosion control blanket.  The matting holds the seed in place where it has soil contact which seeds need to grow.  It also increases the humidity level increasing the chances the seed has to germinate.

Excelsior matting is the gold standard to grow grass.  Instead of using straw, use the matting.  The matting is weed free greatly reducing any weeds that germinate in the lawn compared to straw.  

Installation is simple.  

Step 1: Prep the soil for seed.  Loosen up any hard areas at least 2" deep providing a soft seed bed.  

Step 2: Install your seed, lime, and starter fertilizer.  

Step 3: Cover with your matting and staple in with sod staples.  These will hold the matting tight to the soil preventing any erosion.

Step 4: Water.  Keep the seed moist 2-4 times a day for best results.

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