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Lesco Tall Fescue Select Grass seed is one of the best grass seed blends around.  Why?  Because its Blue-Tag Certified!  You cannot get this at your local garden center.  Lesco provides a clean weed-free grass seed that germinates well.  

The Tall Fescue Select Blend Seed will germinate within 7-10 days when ground temperatures are above 60 degrees.  This makes a fast seed germination time to grow a nice quality turf.  

There are many types of Tall Fescue Seeds.  Lesco provides only the best growing varieties that show dark green color, are drought tolerant, and are also good for high traffic areas.  

All Tall Fescue Select will provide a durable turf that will tolerate drought, heat, shade, and traffic. The varieties in Tall Fescue Select Blend contain endophytes to increase resistance to above ground feeding insects.  When seeded at recommended rates, Select Blend will form a dense, fine textured turf with excellent mowing qualities. Select Blend components have undergone turf trials to screen for desirable traits, including disease resistance. Geographical Adaptation: Select Blend is suitable for permanent turf in the Warm Humid, Warm Arid, Cool Humid, and Cool Arid zones.

Suggested Usage: Suitable for golf course roughs, Hi-end home lawns, athletic fields, commercial turf areas, parks and playgrounds, particularly where irrigation is limited. Tall Fescue Select Blend is wear and traffic tolerant.

Recommended Seeding Rates:

  • New Establishment 6-8 lbs/1000 sq ft
  • Renovation 20 - 50% existing cover – 5 - 7 lbs/1000 sq ft 50 -75% existing cover – 4 - 6 lbs/1000 sq ft

Additional Information

Brand Grow Zones Grass Type Drought Tolerance Traffic/Wear Tolerance Level Coverage Area (sq. ft.) Lesco 3-7 Mixed Good High 5000-10000

How To Care

Recommended Maintenance Practices:

Highest quality and durability is reached using moderate to high maintenance levels. Allow turf to establish prior to heavy use. Excellent results can be obtained using slit seeders for turf renovation. Maximum competition against Poa Annua is achieved with fall seeding. Mowing at 2” to 3” heights is recommended (lower mowing heights require higher maintenance).

Turf Establishment Guidelines:

Adequate seed bed preparation is important in new turf grass establishment as well as in over seeding. Check soil pH and apply a Starter Fertilizer (18-24-12) prior to seeding. Cool season grasses germinate best in the 60º to 85º F (16º to 30º C) soil temperature range. Select Tall Fescue Blend will germinate the best in soil temperatures of 65° or above. Frequent light irrigation and/or seed starter mulch is required for optimum germination. Germination should be visible within 14 days; complete turf establishment will take two to six months.

Use Pittmoss Prime to cover seed for patching areas.  

Shipping Details

Due to the winter season we hold plant shipments to Zones 3-5 till April 15th. Zones 6-10 will ship now.

If you are in Zones 3-5 and would like to have your order shipped now please call 855-541-7526

Most orders are processed and shipped the same day.

Shipping Plants
We plan each shipment to avoid your plants sitting in a truck over the weekend if possible. This means your order may be held until the following Monday to ensure the shortest delivery time. This delay will guarantee that your plants arrive the highest quality possible. Plants that specify shipping at different seasons will be shipped when they become available. ex. ships spring.

Supplies Ship Immediately.

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Joseph L.
United States

Still Growing

I waited a few months before reviewing this product. As a noob I researched overseeding for some time before tackling. This seed has performed well, still early but recent rains helped keep it growing. Aeration helped but there are a lot of bald spots and I did notice a lot of weeds...not 100 percent sure if they came from the seeds tho? Overall I would recommend this seed and planting tree has excellent service, the starter fertilizer I got had a rip in the bag and they were concerned, it wasn’t an issue but it’s nice to see good customer service.

Mary C.
United States

28623 is it too cold to spread now?

Haven’t spread it yet. Is the ground too cold? Zip code28623

Greg M.
United States

Just received seed.

Will have to wait until 9/1 to find out. That’s when I’ll use the seed.

henry o.
United States

Lesco grass seed

Waiting to plant. Weather is still too cold

Carl W.
United States

Lesco Select Seed Purchase

Although I have not used the Lesco Select Seed yet I can say that the ordering process was very delightful. And I received the order in two days, wow! I will provide an update on the quality of the seed 21 days after I aerate and seed my lawn on 20180316. Thanks for the competitive pricing and prompt transit. Carl

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