Little Miss Figgy Fig Tree

Ficus carica 'miss figgy'
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Loaded with calcium, magnesium, potassium, and fiber, figs are definitely a superfood! The Little Miss Figgy Fig tree makes it super simple to grow your own figs. This Fig tree is the smallest variety you can find making it perfect for container growing! It is a heavy fruit producer so despite its size Little Miss Figgy provides plenty of fruit for the whole family and more!

Little Miss Figgy was developed from the Violette de Bordeaux Fig and has the same delicious fruit but the plant is just a smaller stature. Only reaching a mere 4 to 6 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide Little Miss Figgy is definitely an easy to maintain dwarf fig.

Key Features

  • Smallest dwarf fig. Little Miss Figgy only reaches a maximum height of 6 feet.
  • Heavy producer. Despite its diminutive size this fig producer tons of yummy fruit.
  • Great for container gardens. This fig is the absolute best choice for growing in pots.
  • Healthy and delicious fruit. Grow your own superfruit with the sweet and tasty Little Miss Figgy fig tree.
  • Low maintenance. Little Miss Figgy doesn't ask for much! Just give her a drink and she'll be happy. This fig plant tends to be pest and disease free.

Pro Tip: Little Miss Figgy produces fruit in the very first year.

Shipping Restriction AZ, LA
Soil Type Adaptable
Sunlight Full Sun
Drought Tolerance Good
Mature Height 5-6 Feet
Mature Width 3-4 Feet

How To Care

When planting your Little Miss Figgy Fig tree be sure to choose the right location and conditions for your new tree to thrive. Spring and fall are ideal times to plant. However, if you avoid freezing temperatures and extreme heat you can plant this Fig tree almost any time of the year in the recommended growing zones.

Fig trees thrive in full sun and are adaptable to a variety of soils as long as they are well-draining. Water deeply when planting and twice weekly for 3 months while your tree is establishing. After the establishment period, in most areas you will only need to water during dry spells. However, if you are in an extremely dry and/or hot climate, you may need to water a couple times per month in summer throughout your fig tree's life. If you see wilting leaves, your fig tree needs more water.

Adding a layer of about 2 inches of mulch is highly recommended for Fig trees. Mulching protects those shallow roots from drying out. Do not allow the mulch to touch the trunk as this increases the chances of pests and disease.

Fertilize in spring with a slow release fertilizer to give your tree a boost. Once established if your tree is growing and fruiting well, there is no need to fertilize. Figs trees grown in containers will need fertilized 3 or 4 times per year as nutrients leech out of the pot when you water. Prune your Fig in late winter to remove any dead, dying, or crowded branches and to maintain size.

Little Miss Figgy is a a disease and pest resistant variety of fig.

Harvesting Tip: Do not harvest your figs until they are ripe indicated by a rich purple/brown hue and a fruit that has some give. Once picked, figs stop ripening.

Shipping Restriction AZ, LA
Soil Type Adaptable
Sunlight Full Sun
Drought Tolerance Good
Mature Height 5-6 Feet
Mature Width 3-4 Feet

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