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American Sycamore Tree Facts

American Sycamores are low maintenance and fast growing shade trees. They are tough and sturdy, tolerating extreme weather conditions, pollution, salt and even wet soils. These adaptable and hardy shade trees have a very long life expectancy. Birds and wildlife love this native tree and utilize it for shelter and food. Read on to learn about the American Sycamore and its planting, care, growth rates, longevity and more!
Botanical Name Platanus occidentalis
Mature Size 70 feet tall, 50 feet wide
Growing Zones 4 to 9
Native States American Sycamore trees grow throughout the United States and are native to the following 35 states.
Alabama Arkansas Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Iowa Illinois Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Maine Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Mississippi Nebraska North Carolina New Hampshire New Jersey New York Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee Virginia Vermont West Virginia Wisconsin
American Sycamore Tree

What Does an American Sycamore Tree Look Like?

American Sycamores have a wide dome-shaped canopy that is very dense. Sycamore leaves are similar to maple tree leaves, having 3 to 5 lobes, but the leaf tends to be bigger with less definition between the lobes. Sycamores leaves are alternate (a single leaf is attached at each node) in arrangement while maples are opposite (two leaves are paired together at each node. Because of its rapid growth rate it has a unique peeling bark with a jigsaw puzzle pattern and colors ranging from white, gray, tan, and green to brown, orange, and red. The branches grow in a unique zigzag pattern.

How Fast Does an American Sycamore Tree Grow?

The growth rate of American Sycamores is 3 to 6 feet per year. It is one of the fastest growing shade trees.

How Long Does an American Sycamore Tree Live?

This tree can easily live 200 years. There are several American Sycamores that have been reported to be 500 and 600 years old!

When to Plant an American Sycamore Tree

Fall and spring are the best times to plant Sycamore trees. If the ground is digable you can plant in winter. For summer planting take extra care to provide plenty of water to keep your tree from becoming stressed.
American Sycamore Tree

How to Plant and Grow the American Sycamore Tree

American Sycamore Tree

Dig a hole about twice the size of the root ball and place your tree in the middle of the hole. The top of the root ball should be slightly higher than the soil line. Before backfilling the soil fill the hole with water. Allow the water to absorb and then fill the hole back in with soil and water again thoroughly. Gently tamp the soil down to remove air pockets. Put about 2 inches of mulch around your new American Sycamore Tree to reduce watering needs, keep weeds at bay, and protect the roots. Keep the soil moist with deep waterings for the first few months. This will help the roots establish quickly and grow deeply.

American Sycamore Tree

This tree is extremely adaptable and native to the United States so it is quite easy to grow. Sycamores grow in full sun and any soil, even tolerating wet areas. Feed this shade tree when planting and in early spring with a slow release fertilizer. If needed prune your tree when it is dormant in winter or early spring. This tree is very hardy and pollution, drought, and salt tolerant.

Where Can I Buy an American Sycamore Tree?

Buy American Sycamores Online and have your tree delivered within the continental United States for free!

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