Plant Warranty

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that your plants will arrive healthy.  If your plant(s) die within 5 days we will replace your plant(s) with free shipping.  

Any damaged brown or yellow leaves from shipping is cosmetic and will not affect the health or quality of the plants. Plants bounce right back after being heavily watered and planted

30 Day Warranty

If your plant dies within 30 days of receiving your order, we will replace your plant under warranty.  Shipping cost will be at the customers expense.

Purchased 1 Year Warranty

PlantingTree will replace your plant within a period of one year after the delivery date. Claims submitted after the one year warranty period will not be honored.  Shipping cost will be at the customers expense.


  • Please note that if we are out of stock of the item that has died, a store credit will be issued. 
  • Plants must have been planted according to our planting directions to be eligible. 
  • Does not cover plants planted in containers or pots.  
  • If your plant is dormant at the time of delivery, we will replace this item if it does not emerge from dormancy by June 1st.  
  • Plants must be properly planted according to our planting directions.
  • Shipping address of claim must be the same as original shipping address.

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