Variegated Eureka Lemon

Citrus limon ‘Eureka’
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The variegated Eureka Lemon is an amazing Lemon tree with stunning variegated foliage and fruit. This citrus tree is the perfect addition to your patio collection or a neat one to get it started with! Show off a unique plant and share your distinctive homegrown lemons with the exciting fruit plant. 

The deep green foliage is highlighted with cream variegation. But there is so much more to this bushy tree than pretty leaves! The fragrant blooms are petite, but have a very tropical look that gets them noticed. The out of this world striking fruit has a striped variegation of muted lemon yellow with lime green lines that fade as the fruit matures. Cut the fruit open to find magnificent pink flesh. This unique flesh color gives this citrus tree the nickname the pink lemonade plant. 

Key Features

  • Gorgeous plant! This stunning foliage is a show stopper in and of itself and adds a tropical and fun look to your home. Fabulous variegated fruit and pretty flowers are an added bonus.
  • Scented blooms. The fragrance is heady and sweet with a hint of citrus scent. The lovely flowers are white with hints of pink coloration along with pink to purple buds.
  • No waiting! Our Eureka Lemons produce fruit in the very first year.
  • Small tree. The tree grows up to 10 feet tall and wide in the ground and stays smaller in containers to about 6 feet. It can be pruned and easily kept even shorter. The habit of this dwarf citrus tree is naturally bushy, so it can offer a nice harvest even with its small stature.
  • Indoor or Patio. This citrus tree grows well in pots and can grow indoor year-round or as a patio plant that is moved indoors in winter. Gardeners of any climate can enjoy this citrus plant!

Pro Tips: 

To grow your Eureka Lemon indoors, plant it near a sunny window, glass door, or provide a plant light to provide the sunlight your plant craves! 

Even though the flesh of this lemon is pink, when squeezed, the lemon juice is yellow-white just like standard Lemon juice.

Grow your own unique and delicious lemons indoors with the exciting variegated Eureka Lemon bush! They make great gifts too! Order yours today. These sell out fast!

growing zone 9-10
Shipping Restriction AZ, CA, FL, TX
Soil Type Acidic, Well-drained
Sunlight Full Sun
Drought Tolerance Good
Mature Height 6-8 Feet
Mature Width 6-10 Feet
Bloom Color White

How To Care

Provide your Eureka Lemon with full sun (at least 6 to 8 hours) and well drained soil. Indoor citrus plants should be placed near a sunny window, glass door, or provided with a plant light for the best results.  When planting in the ground water deeply 1 to 2 times per week until your dwarf citrus tree is established. After the first few months, water when the soil begins to dry. Lemon trees do not like wet roots so be sure the soil has dried down to about 2 inches whether in the ground or in pots. Citrus plants like humid environments so misting the leaves daily in dry environments is ideal.

Feed with our balanced slow release fertilizer in early spring and late summer. Containerized plants perform better when fertilized more often than plants in the ground.

Fertilize your potted citrus with our balanced slow release fertilizer 3 times per year. Our formula is safe for use when planting.Prune citrus trees anytime for shape and size maintenance.

Eureka Lemons can only grow in zones 9 to 11 in the ground. Otherwise they must be grown in containers. They will not tolerate freezing temperatures. Move your citrus tree inside when temperatures drop below 40 degrees. Move it back outside when temperatures are in the 50s.

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*This annual is not eligible for our year warranty.  

Shipping Restriction AZ, CA, FL, TX
Soil Type Acidic, Well-drained
Sunlight Full Sun
Drought Tolerance Good
Mature Height 6-8 Feet
Mature Width 6-10 Feet
Bloom Color White

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