Junipers are hardy, evergreen shrubs that thrive in most US planting zones. These easy care plants are extremely versatile and a great way to add depth and color to any landscape. Junipers are deer resistant, salt tolerant, and low maintenance.

The icy green-blue color of the Angelica Blue Juniper is a great way to make your entire landscape pop! As winter arrives this juniper becomes very blue with a hint of purple. The Angelica Blue will instantly add depth and texture to your landscape with its loose shape and lacy texture.

The Blue Pacific Juniper is a hardy, low maintenance groundcover that is great for preventing soil erosion. The feathery, green foliage transitions to a silvery green in the winter months. This juniper is great for adding texture to almost any landscape.

Enjoy the Blue Point Juniper's blue green foliage year round. It will reach heights of up to 12 feet tall and get can get as wide as 6-8 feet. But don't worry, it will maintain its pyramid form and does not require any pruning. The Blue Point Juniper is drought tolerant, easy to grow, and perfect for privacy!

The fast growing Blue Rug Juniper is a gorgeous creeping groundcover. Perfect for those steep hills you’ve had such a hard time growing anything on, this juniper is great for preventing soil erosion. The Blue Rug is extremely disease resistant and low maintenance.

The Blue Star Juniper is a hardy, dwarf variety that is perfect for adding color and texture to small spaces. Resistant to disease and drought tolerant, this variety is a great pick! And you can’t beat that icy blue color!

The Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper is a compact groundcover juniper that grows in a lovely, cascading fashion that flows outward along the ground, over rocks, or down a wall or container for a stunning, natural look that you just cannot beat. The lush foliage is a vivid green that transitions to hints of blue and purple as temperatures drop. This hardy evergreen is drought and pollution tolerant as well as pest and disease resistant. 

Enjoy the ease and versatility of a juniper in a unique and bold golden-yellow color! The Gold Coast Juniper really stands out in the landscape. You can't beat the year-round, yellow color and the lush, lacy texture it brings to any garden!

The soft blue color and whimsical shape of the Grey Owl Juniper make is a real treasure in any landscape. These look great in a flowing, curved hedge or sprinkled throughout a bed. This hardy evergreen shrub is pest and disease resistant.

The Parson's Juniper offers a great look in a hardy, easy to maintain shrub. You will love having a groundcover with shrub height! Juniper Parsoni grows quickly to 2-3 feet tall and about 6 feet wide. The lush foliage is a silvery blue-green that looks great anywhere.

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