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Willow Oak Tree

Willow Oak Tree


Introduction An American classic Long lived and strong tree Grows to amazing heights Great provider of shade and food for the eco system Often pla...

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Willows are sturdy, beautiful, water-loving trees that are cherished all over the US and the world. This group of plants is fast growing and adaptable to a variety of soils and environments. They even help prevent soil erosion. Willow trees are perfect additions to your landscape if you are looking for shade, size, or show!

The Corkscrew Willow is a real showpiece tree. With its unique curling and twisting branches you will love admiring your Corkscrew Willow. This interesting and distinctive tree is surprisingly easy to care for, hardy, and fast growing!

You won’t find a tree that elicits more fond memories than the majestic Weeping Willow. This shade tree is great for climbing and tree houses. At a growth rate of 6-8 feet a year your baby tree won’t be a baby for long! Beauty, fast growth and family fun...what more could you want in a shade tree?!

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