When to Plant Loropetalum Bushes

These flowering shrubs can be planted just about any time within the recommended growing zones 7 to 9. Zone 7a should avoid winter and zones 8 and 9 are advised to avoid summer. Any planting done in summer should be compensated with plenty of extra water. Spring and fall are the best times to plant.

How to Plant Loropetalum

Plant in full to part sun for best growth and flowering. Dig a hole about twice the width of the pot and about the same height. Place your shrub in the hole and backfill with the existing soil. Water deeply until the water begins to pool. Water daily for the first week and twice weekly for the first 2 or 3 months until your plant is established.

How to Care for Loropetalum Plants

These flowering evergreen plants are easy to grow. Once established they are drought tolerant, but an occasional watering during the summer will help this bush grow and flower better. A layer of mulch can help the soil better retain moisture. Feed with a balanced slow-release fertilizer in spring.

When to Prune Loropetalum

Pruning isn’t usually necessary with these colorful shrubs. If manicuring a hedge or pruning loropetalums for size control, prune them after they are finished flowering in spring. Prune to remove broken or dead branches anytime.

How to Prune Loropetalum Shrubs

For a manicured hedge or to control size, simply shear your bushes to a clean shape. Avoid over pruning, and try to stick with the natural shape of this shrub for best results. Do not remove more than ⅓ of this plant at a time.


Dwarf Loropetalum Varieties

The colorful Crimson Fire is a deep red dwarf variety. Great for a flowing, natural or a manicured clean border, this plant is versatile and adaptable. The low maintenance Crimson Fire attracts hummingbirds and butterflies with its hot pink blooms.


From burgundy to hunter green leaves and bright pink blooms, the Daruma is an eyecatcher! Ideal for small spaces, this dwarf bush looks great in small beds and borders. Loropetalums are very easy to grow, drought tolerant, and deer resistant.

The Purple Pixie® is the perfect dwarf loropetalum for your landscape. The color display explodes when the fuschia pink flowers bloom atop the deep purple leaves! This plant works well as a groundcover, on slopes to help with erosion control, in hanging baskets, window boxes, or any container!

Standard Loropetalum Varieties

The Ever Red® is the ideal shrub for adding rich and vibrant pops of color to your landscape. Between the unique purple foliage and true red flowers that repeat bloom throughout the year this shrub is as colorful as it gets!
This exciting variegated loropetalum has leaves with a blend of pink, purple, and white. As the leaves mature they turn a regal purple that pops in the landscape! This easy to grow flowering shrub provides year-round color that can't be beat.
Great for straight or staggered privacy hedges to single plantings, this shrub is extremely versatile. The easy to grow flowering evergreen is a great way to add some deep, ruby red to purple color to your landscape. The pink blooms brighten your landscape in spring

For additional options, check out our flowering shrubs and evergreen shrubs collections.

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