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Rose Bushes

Sweet Drift Roses

Sweet Drift® Rose

from $24.99

Introduction Light Pink Sugar-Sweet Blooms will Brighten your Day. Perfect, unique color! Great groundcover rose bush that can be planted anywhere...

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Peach Drift Roses

Peach Drift® Rose

from $36.99

Introduction Peach colored roses...beautiful! The most flowering of all the roses! Stays small and compact Disease resistant Colors that make you ...

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Red Drift Rose

Red Drift® Rose

from $24.99

Introduction Ruby Red Blooms Celebrate your Yard! Extremely hardy rose bush Disease resistant! Blooms from spring all the way to frost AND its a N...

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Pink Drift Roses

Pink Drift® Rose

from $29.99

Introduction Pink Groundcover Rose Bush Brightens borders and really adds color! Fills empty spaces where you need more color. Drift Roses are per...

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The Rose Bushes we carry are all hardy expert recommended varieties that are low maintenance and disease resistant. Not only are they easy to grow, but they bloom and rebloom for 3 seasons! Tons of colorful blooms for months on end!

Drift® Rose

A cross between a full-size groundcover rose and a miniature rose, the Drift® Rose is a fabulous addition to any yard, small or large. These hardy roses are disease resistant, extremely cold tolerant and low maintenance. Drift® Roses bloom and rebloom from Spring until the first frost so you’ll have beautiful color for 3 seasons! Great for filling empty spaces, colorful containers, beautiful borders, and adding bursts of color throughout your landscape, this rose is extremely versatile in the landscape. We carry several different colors so be sure to check out our entire selection of Drift® Roses!

Knockout® Rose

You really can’t go wrong with the immensely popular Knockout® Rose. Your neighbors will covet your beautiful roses that flower almost nonstop for 3 seasons! Because they are disease and pests resistant and don’t even require deadheading, Knockout® Roses are much easier to care for than standard roses. These roses are absolutely stunning in a mixed bed or border. Try a mass planting or a hedge for huge impact. We offer several Knockout® Rose varieties and colors. For a unique and eye-catching addition to your landscape check out our Knockout® Rose trees!

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