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Winter Gem Boxwood

Winter Gem Boxwood

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Introduction Perfect Evergreen Shrub for an Upscale Look! Lovely Hedges Use as an Accent Plant in Containers! Deer and Rabbit Tolerant! One of the...

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English Boxwood

English Boxwood


Introduction Perfect for borders and walkways! Natural round,cloud like shape Cold Hardy Deer Resistant Description The Dwarf English Boxwood is ...

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Boxwoods are seen in high end neighborhoods throughout the US. These evergreen shrubs generally tend toward a naturally round shape. They look beautiful as a small hedge or staggered in your yard as perfectly manicured balls. Boxwoods are deer and rabbit resistant, drought and pollution tolerant, low maintenance, and even grow in sun to shade!

The popular American Boxwood is sure to transform your home and garden. This trusted landscape standard provides year-round color, texture, and beauty.

The Baby Gem Boxwood is a dwarf evergreen shrub with huge appeal. This boxwood is disease resistant and perfect for containers.

The Graham Blandy Boxwood is an upright, broad-leaf, dense, multi stemmed evergreen shrub.

Love Boxwoods, but want something a little different? The Green Mountain Boxwood is sure to knock your landscape plan out of the park with its unique conical shape.

The Green Velvet Boxwood is a dream come true for urban yards! Sculpt away or leave this evergreen shrub alone depending on the look you want. Disease resistant.

The Variegated Boxwood has creamy white and green leaves. Great shrub for adding color to borders and layering the landscape. 

Perfect Evergreen Shrub for an Upscale Look! The hardy Winter Gem Boxwood makes a lovely hedge. Use as an accent plant in containers. 

Its year round, bright green foliage and compact size and shape make the Wintergreen Boxwood a great option for adding some pizazz to any size yard. This boxwood is a stunner in containers too. We like the Wintergreen because it is able to stand up to extremes better than the more common boxwood varieties that tend to turn yellow and brown throughout winter.

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