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How to Grow Cotton Candy Pink Mulhy Grass

How to Grow Cotton Candy Pink Mulhy Grass

Cotton Candy Pink Muhly Grass is a stunning ornamental grass that adds color and texture to the landscape. In late summer billowy pink blooms emerge above the compact, mounded foliage. These airy pink blooms dance in the breeze throughout fall...

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Red Maple Tree

Top 5 North Carolina Native Shade Trees

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a native plant is “part of the balance of nature that has developed over hundreds or thousands of years in a particular region or ecosystem”. Native trees are an excellent way to...

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Thuja Green Giant Trees for Privacy

Thuja Green Giant: Best Privacy Screen

Thuja Green Giant trees are easy to grow evergreens used mainly for privacy screening. Extremely popular for their fast growth rate and hardy nature, these attractive arborvitae have quickly beat out Leyland Cypress as the number one choice for living...

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