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Easiest Fruit Trees To Grow

February 8, 2022 Jill Raver
Filed in: Tree Information

Growing fruit in our yards or even in our homes is an exciting proposition. Being able to observe and have control over the growing and care process allows us to grow healthy fruit free of harmful chemicals. It is also a wonderful learning experience for us and our children. My kids get so excited to pick their own fruit and veggies and are much more likely to try and eat something new when they get to watch it grow and be part of the process. But growing fruit isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Many fruit trees require pruning and, oftentimes, spraying for pests and disease. So, what are the easiest fruit trees to grow?

Citrus Trees

I love citrus trees. With a little bit of knowledge these self pollinating fruit trees are easy to grow as patio plants for most growing zones. I have had no problem growing them in North and South Carolina. They grow well in pots that have good drainage. Citrus trees are some of the easiest fruit trees to grow indoors because they don’t require chill hours and can be kept small with pruning. For more information on growing citrus trees indoors, click here


Best Citrus Trees for Pots

key lime tree - easiest fruit trees to grow

Key Lime Tree

Growing Zones 9-11

This is the best fruit tree for a small space, indoors or outdoors. The Key Lime tree can be pruned to stay like a small bush. It tolerates heavy pruning and the fruit is small and easily supported by this small tree.

Meyer Lemon Tree

Growing Zones 8-11

The Meyer Lemon is definitely my top pick for a patio citrus plant. I’ve even had success growing this dwarf fruit tree indoors. It is definitely one of the easiest citrus trees to grow. The fruit is sweet with only a hint of tart compared to traditional lemons.


Citrus Trees for Growing Zones 9, 10, and 11

I’m not fond of citrus trees with larger fruit being grown in pots, especially indoors, but it isn’t impossible. However, the Blood Orange Tree, Navel Orange Tree, and Ruby Red Grapefruit Tree are easy to grow in the appropriate growing zones when planted in the ground. These larger fruits are better supported by a full size tree.


Banana Trees

Banana trees are incredibly fast growing fruit trees. They only grow in warmer climates and fruit best in full sun and warm temperatures. I primarily recommend planting banana trees in zones 8b to 11 for the best fruit production. However I was shocked to notice a large banana flower on some banana trees growing in my zone of 7b just a few weeks ago. I’m sure our relatively mild winter was the reason this tree may actually produce fruit this year. Pretty neat, but definitely not even remotely typical! Banana trees can be grown indoors if you have a very sunny spot in your home. Banana trees are self fertile so you only need 1 plant to have fruit. 

Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree

Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree

Growing Zones 8-10

This dwarf banana tree is easy to grow in pots, but grows quickly so be prepared to repot it as needed.


Fig Trees

Fig Trees are incredibly easy to grow. In fact they are probably some of the easiest fruit trees to grow. They require little to no maintenance once they are established. I see fig trees in South Carolina and North Carolina that have had no care, no fertilizer, no water outside of rain, that fruit like crazy! They cannot be grown indoors all year-round, because they do require 100 to 300 chill hours. They can be grown as patio plants that are moved indoors during the harshest temperatures in winter. Just remember they need those chill hours between 45 and 32 degrees to produce figs. 

Best Fig Trees for Containers

Celeste Fig Tree

Celeste Fig Tree

Growing Zones 7-10

The Celeste Fig is a great little fig tree with delicious fruit. This dwarf fig tree is pest and disease resistant and easy to grow.

Little Miss Figgy Tree

Growing Zones 7-10

This is the smallest fig tree available at only 4 to 6 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide. It is perfect for containers, disease resistant, and a heavy fruiter.

For more information on growing fig trees in pots, click here.

Cold Hardy Fig Tree

Chicago Hardy Fig Tree

Growing Zones 5-10

This amazing fig tree can be grown in growing zones 5 and 6! It can handle the winter temperatures in these regions.

Best Fig Tree Overall

Brown Turkey Fig

Brown Turkey Fig

Growing Zones 7-10

The Brown Turkey Fig is one of the most popular figs. With a heavy production of fruit that tastes of brown sugar, this is a hard fruit tree to beat!


Some other interesting and easy to grow fruit trees to consider are the Arbequina Olive tree, Fuyu Persimmon tree, Loquat tree, Owari Satsuma tree, and Variegated Eureka Lemon tree.


All fruit trees will require some work especially when you are considering growing them outside of normal conditions. These trees are pretty easy to grow, but they will require plenty of sunlight. I chose these trees because they tend not to require extensive pruning or spraying for pests and disease. They are also all drought tolerant once established. I hope you found an easy fruit tree for you! Happy planting!


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