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Bobo Hydrangea

Bobo® Hydrangea


Introduction Dwarf Hydrangea Loaded with Blooms! White, clustered blooms from summer to fall Perfect for small spaces Heat tolerant Hardy, floweri...

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Hydrangeas are hardy shrubs that grow throughout the US. These flowering beauties have huge colorful flowers and lovely green foliage. Hydrangea bushes are low maintenance, salt tolerant, and fast growing.

The classic Annabelle hydrangea boasts the largest blooms at up to 12 inches wide! These huge, creamy white flower clusters arrive in late spring or early summer and last until Fall. This variety is cold hardy, disease resistant, and low maintenance.

The Bobo hydrangea is a dwarf variety that is great for containers or small spaces. It’s lacy flower clusters turn rosy pink in fall. This hydrangea is low maintenance and adaptable.

The Cityline® series features compact varieties that don’t require pruning. These little gems are perfect for containers and fit in anywhere you need color or depth in your landscape. Extremely low maintenance and disease resistant...it’s no surprise these dwarf hydrangeas are all the rage! Check out the different Cityline® hydrangeas we carry. You’re sure to fall in love with at least one of them!

We can’t get enough of the Endless Summer® series of hydrangeas. These hardy hydrangeas are rebloomers that bloom in summer and fall. You won’t get more long-lasting color and disease resistance from any other hydrangea. These look stunning as an anchor shrub or try a hedge for a huge impact. We have several Endless Summer® hydrangeas to choose from!

The Limelight hydrangea is a very hardy hydrangea that grows just about anywhere. Its white, upright blooms arrive in late summer and fade to green during fall. These blooms work great for cuttings and floral arrangements. The Limelight works great for an elegant look in the landscape, whether used for a single specimen, mass, or hedge planting.

The Little Lime Hydrangea is as hardy and reliable as its parent plant the popular Limelight Hydrangea. This easy to grow hydrangea will tolerate almost any condition and has even more awards than the original Limelight Hydrangea! Plant experts love this dwarf hydrangea and you will too!

Disease and pest resistant, the Nikko Blue is a hardy hydrangea. The blooms are large, gorgeous, and bright blue with the proper pH. This hydrangea is perfect for adding color to your yard. Show off with one as a focal shrub or a dozen as a hedge or mass planting!

The popular Penny Mac is a fast growing, low maintenance hydrangea. Depending on your soil pH, the blooms will range from pink to purple to blue. Trim a handful of blooms to bring beauty and life inside your home. The lush foliage and puffy blooms of the Penny Mac are a great way to soften up your landscape.

Similar to the Vanilla Strawberry® Hydrangea, the Pinky Winky® Hydrangea bush has huge pink and white cone blooms, but the Pinky Winky is extremely cold hardy even surviving growing zone 3 winters! Now that is one tough flowering plant!

The Strawberry Sundae is a new variety that is pest and disease resistant. This small hydrangea is great for containers. White blooms with a kiss of pink adorn this shrub from summer through fall.

The Strawberry Vanilla hydrangea flowers emerge creamy white in mid summer then transition to pink and finally to strawberry pink-red in fall. This sun loving hydrangea is low maintenance and a fast grower. The Vanilla Strawberry is a stunner in the landscape. Use as an eye catching focal or for huge impact try a hedge or a mass planting of these beauties!

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