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Redbud Trees

Redbud Trees are lovely, unique deciduous trees. One of the earliest spring bloomers, Redbuds have small, showy blooms that form clusters that pop up all over the tree, even on the trunk! The heart-shaped leaves shimmer in the sun.

Small, low maintenance, and adaptable, these beautiful trees are perfect for any yard. Redbud trees grow in part shade to full sun.

The dark pink flower clusters of the Eastern Redbud will have your neighbors staring! And just wait...when the leaves transition in a brilliant yellow in fall, you’ll want to admire your tree all season! This tree is drought tolerant and adaptable to a variety of soils. Even though it is considered a small tree with a mature height of 20-30 feet, the Eastern Redbud is a strong and hardy tree that is able to avoid storm, wind, and even ice damage.

The Forest Pansy Redbud is similar in size to the Eastern and Oklahoma Redbuds, but it has unique and striking plum colored leaves. The early spring blooms are a lovely vibrant purple. This is one outstanding specimen tree for your yard!

The Oklahoma Redbud has deep rosy-purple blooms and a stunning shape that gets this gorgeous tree noticed. The Oklahoma Redbud is heat and drought tolerant, perfect for warmer climates. It reaches about 20-30 feet tall and wide at maturity so it is a great addition to most yards.

Few trees stand out with the phenomenal vibrance of the Rising Sun Redbud. This compact tree has green heart-shaped leaves that cascade down into sunny yellow and orange. Spring has sprung when the fuchsia blooms coat this tree. The dwarf Rising Sun tops out around 10 feet and grows to about 6-8 feet wide at maturity.

The Royal White Redbud is such an exciting and unique shade tree! Loads of pure white blooms announce the end of winter. As the blooms begin to fade, beautiful heart-shaped leaves welcome spring. The Royal White Redbud has a mature height and width of 15-25 feet and forms a round, dense vase shape.

The Ruby Falls Redbud is a dwarf cascading beauty with tons of purple power! With maroon-purple leaves from spring to fall and lavender spring blooms you will be excited for spring to arrive! But this petite weeping redbud is even beautiful in winter with its flowing branches and distinctive habit. At a mere 6-8 feet tall and 5-6 feet wide at maturity this compact tree fits just about anywhere and can even be grown in containers!

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