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Rose Trees

Rose Trees are choice rose plants that are typically grafted to a hardy trunk and rootstock. Most varieties, including Knock Out and Drift Rose Trees bloom for 3 seasons! Rose Trees look beautiful growing in containers and accent your home and landscape.

More Information

When to Plant Rose Trees

Spring and fall are the best times to plant Rose Trees. However, there are some specific differences in acceptable planting seasons depending on your climate. If you live in the coldest growing zones recommended for your Rose Tree (and those zones are 6 or colder), plant in spring, summer, or early fall to give your tree rose plenty of time to establish its roots before winter. Remember to supplement with plenty of extra water when planting in summer. If you live in zones 7 and up you can safely plant Rose Trees when they are dormant in winter. Summer planting should be avoided completely in zones 8 and up.

How to Plant Rose Trees

Prior to planting, water potted Rose Trees. Next, dig a hole two times wider than the pot and not quite as deep as the root ball is tall. Place your rose standard in the hole. Be sure to check that your plant is level and even from several vantage points before backfilling the soil. The root ball should be visible over the soil line by ¼ of an inch or so. Backfill the soil, and water thoroughly. Applying mulch will help the soil retain moisture and protect the roots during temperature extremes.

How to Care for Rose Trees

Rose Trees will grow and bloom best in full sun and well-drained soil. Water your tree deeply at the base when the soil begins to dry. Never water over the leaves of a rose bush. Overhead watering can encourage fungal disease. Use a balanced, slow release fertilizer in early spring and again in late summer to get the most out of your rose flowers. Mulching your flowering tree will protect the roots during temperature extremes, help the ground retain moisture, and reduce watering needs. To control insects and fertilize your rose plants with one product use Fertilome Rose and Flower Food.

How to Grow Rose Trees in Pots

Most Rose Trees come in 3 gallon pots. So, a 5 gallon pot is a good choice when repotting in a container. A standard 5 gallon container is about 12 inches in diameter and 11 inches tall. Check for good drainage holes. Water your plant at the base when the soil begins to feel dry about 1 to 2 inches down. Fertilize potted Rose Trees at least twice a year with a slow release fertilizer. In cooler growing zones (4 and 5), protect ornamental trees in winter by moving them into an unheated garage or shed. If they are planted, wrap the trunk with burlap or protective cloth and mulch heavily to winterize your flowering tree. Plants in containers are not as cold hardy as ones in the ground. For more information check out our blog, Growing Rose Trees in Containers.

Rose Trees by Color

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