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Sunshine Ligustrum Southern living 2 gallon

Sunshine Ligustrum

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Introduction Brilliant low-growing hedge plant with stunning color! Year round color gives your landscape just what it was missing. Gets 3-4 Feet ...

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Ligustrum are lovely evergreen shrubs that are easy to grow and fast growing! Enjoy petite fragrant white flowers in summer. Ligustrums are also known as privets. These tough plants are pest, deer, and disease resistant and make excellent hedges.

The Howardi Ligustrum stands out with a luscious lemon and lime variegation that cannot be beat! New growth emerges a lovely, lemon yellow and as the leaves age the color gradually deepens into a lavish lime. The leaves are thick, shiny, and smooth, not prickly like those of a holly. This stellar shrub is dense and lush. No peeking through this shrub! It is perfect for privacy.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, natural, privacy fence, the Wavy Leaf Ligustrum is the perfect choice! This Ligustrum is one of the fastest growing evergreen shrubs. It can actually double in size every year capping off at a very manageable 15 feet. This shiny shrub even tolerates heavy pruning if you want to keep it at a certain height.

The Curly Leaf Ligustrum has dark green, thick, shiny, curved leaves that are almost reminiscent of a jade plant. This compact Privet tends toward a narrow, upright shape rather than a bush. And with a 3 foot width and 5 feet height at maturity the Curly Leaf Ligustrum fits in anywhere.



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