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Red Dogwood Tree

Red Dogwood Tree


Introduction Welcome Spring with Your Very Own RED Dogwood! Red Blooms, Red Leaves, and Red Berries! Let Your Yard Shine with this Extraordinary T...

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Popular for their beautiful blossoms and distinctive scale-like bark, Dogwood Trees stand out in any landscape. Their blossoms are one of the first signs of spring, arriving sooner than other flowering trees! A manageable size of about 25 feet at maturity, makes the Dogwood an excellent choice for increasing property value even in small yards.

Striking for lining driveways, staggered throughout your property, or as a single specimen, Dogwood trees are versatile in the landscape. These trees are also drought tolerant and adaptable. Dogwoods grow taller in shade than in sun, but can tolerate both environments with only slightly different care requirements. Show off your impeccable taste by ordering a Dogwood tree today!

Are you thinking about adding an island in your backyard? Plant a Dogwood Tree on the corner of the bed and then plant junipers and azaleas in the planting bed. The colorful plant selection will really make your dogwood tree stand out.

The blooms of the Pink Flowering Dogwood start off light and darken as they age into an alluring rose pink you are sure to admire. This dogwood welcomes fall with leaves that transition into a beautiful, bright red. In Winter the Dogwoods small red fruits are an excellent source of food for a variety of birds.

The snow white blossoms of the White Flowering Dogwood are one of the very first signs of spring. These creamy flowers are just one of the stunning features of the White Dogwood Tree. In fall its green leaves turn in a lively, burgundy red. That beautiful show is followed up by red berry like fruit that will bring some lovely bird watching right into your own backyard!

The Red Dogwood is in huge demand. The deep rose red-pink flowers announce spring with vigor. A short time later new leaves emerge a shimmering red. As the foliage matures it turns green. But in autumn the vibrant red leaves are back! Red fruit is formed in fall and lasts throughout winter. Enjoy red red red with the Red Dogwood!

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