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Thuja Green Giant

Thuja plicata x standishii 'Green Giant'
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If you have been wondering where to buy Thuja Green Giant trees look no further! Our Thuja Green Giant trees for sale are premium trees that are well-branched, lush, and ready to plant! We carry only the healthiest trees. They are inspected by our horticulturists to ensure that they are pest free and disease free thuja trees.

The Green Giant Arborvitae has quickly surpassed the Leyland Cypress to become the most popular privacy hedges in the United States. These evergreen trees are the first to consider when shopping privacy screen trees for sale and for good reason. Green Giant Thujas are incredibly fast growing privacy trees. They can grow 3 to 5 feet in a single growing season! Now that is some super fast privacy! In fact these trees are the fastest growing trees for privacy! You will enjoy privacy from your neighbors within a couple years with this giant arborvitae.

This privacy hedge tree is an attractive addition to your landscape. The deep green foliage of the Green Giant cascades down its branches into a feathery point. This fragrant foliage is soft to the touch making it perfect for families with children and pets. This thuja tree has lovely, natural flowing branches that add character and appeal while still maintaining the classic pyramidal shape you love!


  • Green Giant Thujas grow very fast. These fast growing trees for privacy can grow 5 feet or more per year under ideal conditions. Thuja Green Giants are the best fast growing privacy trees out there!
  • These evergreen privacy trees are pest and disease resistant. Green Giant Thujas are a hardy alternative for areas where Leyland Cypress trees have been decimated by pests or disease.
  • Arborvitae trees are easy to grow. Once established, Arborvitae Green Giant trees require little to no maintenance. They are drought tolerant and have a nice natural shape that doesn’t need pruning.
  • The foliage is attractive and deep green. There are no pine needles to poke children or pets! The beautiful foliage softly cascades down the branch to a gentle point.
  • Thuja trees are evergreen so their foliage remains throughout the year. These thuja evergreen trees provide year-round color and interest.
  • Pro Tip:

    Feed Arborvitae Green Giant trees in early spring every year with a slow release fertilizer. These trees require a lot of nutrients to keep up with their fast growth especially for the first 10 years when they are growing at the fastest rates. For nutrient weak soils fertilize your arborvitae trees again in late summer or early fall.

    With their increasing popularity, Thuja Green Giants are getting harder and harder to find. Don't miss out on this awesome evergreen landscape tree! Buy your own Green Giant Arborvitae for sale today and have a beautiful specimen tree or privacy hedge fast! You are going to love the look, low maintenance care, and the fast growth rate of this popular privacy tree! Order Green Giant Thuja trees today! You will not be disappointed!

    growing zone 5-9
    Shipping Restriction AZ
    Soil Type Adaptable
    Sunlight Full Sun
    Drought Tolerance Good
    Mature Height 40-60 Feet
    Mature Width 10-15 Feet
    Fall Color Green

    How To Care

    Thuja trees thrive in full to part sun and tolerate a wide variety of soils. Once established, Thuja Green Giant trees are drought tolerant. However, they need to be watered heavily at the time of planting. Be sure not to let your new trees dry out within the first few months before they are established. Water your new potted arborvitae trees as soon as they arrive even before you plant them. This will ensure that the roots are moist and ready for planting.There is no need to prune your Thuja. However, if you prefer a maintained look for your Green Giant hedge this hardy evergreen can tolerate even heavy pruning. Pruning the tops will even slow growth and help to control height. Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae trees love to eat! It’s one of the reasons they grow so fast! Fertilize with slow release fertilizer every spring. You can fertilize again in late summer if your soil is nutrient weak or your trees need a boost! Newly planted trees should be mulched with pine bark or pine straw. Mulch will keep out weeds and provide moisture for your new trees. Add 1 to 2 inches of mulch in a mound around your tree, taking care not to allow the mulch to touch the trunk of your tree. This will discourage pests and disease.

    Add some of our balanced plant fertilizer at the time of planting, allow your new trees to establish, and before long you will have maintenance free trees and wonderful lush, green privacy!!

    When planting a thuja privacy hedge, plant your trees in a row about 5-8 feet apart or stagger your new Thuja Green Giants in 2 rows for faster privacy. Get creative! Plant in curves or slight s-forms and keep it flowing. Privacy hedges do not have to be in a straight line. In fact they don’t have to have the same tree! Try mixing up Thuja Green Giants with Carolina Sapphire Cypress for some nice color contrast or Nellie Stevens Hollies for great texture contrast! Planning your privacy screen with more than one privacy tree type can actually reduce pests and disease and help your trees stay healthier even as they grow old.

    Add some flair and excitement with colorful complimentary plants like Drift RosesJunipersAbelias, and Azaleas. Mulch around each planting or landscape bed to reduce hand watering needs.

    Shipping Restriction AZ
    Soil Type Adaptable
    Sunlight Full Sun
    Drought Tolerance Good
    Mature Height 40-60 Feet
    Mature Width 10-15 Feet
    Fall Color Green

    Landscape Ideas

    Thuja Green Giant Privacy Screen

    Thuja Green Giant trees can be spaced 5 to 8 feet to create a nice fast growing privacy screen. If you can be patient, giving these privacy trees a bit more space will save you money and allow the trees to grow larger. If you need faster privacy plant them closer, but never closer than 5 feet. An alternative option if you need instant privacy is the staggered landscape plan.

    Staggered Landscape Plan for the Fastest Privacy

    For instant privacy, pick out larger thuja trees and stagger your them by planting 2 rows. For the Thuja Green Giant plan for about 6 to 10 feet between trees on the diagonal. This will leave you with about 6 to 10 feet of space between each tree within the rows and the rows will be approximately 4 to 6 feet apart. When you have 2 rows and the trees are staggered this allows the trees to have more room to grow and be healthier and you get instant privacy without overcrowding your Green Giant Arborvitaes.

    Landscape Specimen

    Green Giant Arborvitaes also make great specimen or focal trees. They have vibrant color, a nice shape, and soft, attractive foliage. If you have a large yard try a group of 3 Thuja Green Giants in a triangle in the corner of your yard for a great look. These fast growing evergreen trees also look great lining a driveway.

    Select healthy, top quality Thuja Green Giant trees for sale to ensure the best results, like fast growth and quick establishment!

    For additional options, be sure to browse our Privacy TreePrivacy Hedge and Evergreen Tree options in our garden center.

    Shipping Restriction AZ
    Soil Type Adaptable
    Sunlight Full Sun
    Drought Tolerance Good
    Mature Height 40-60 Feet
    Mature Width 10-15 Feet
    Fall Color Green

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    Linda E.
    United States United States

    The tree was packaged so well. No broken branches, lush and full. And smelled like Christmas!

    PlantingTree™ Online Garden Center Thuja Green Giant Review
    Melvin G.
    United States United States
    Thuja Green Giant

    I planted my Thuja Green Giant yesterday, Can't wait to watch it grow. Thanks

    Naji H.
    United States United States


    Mark G.
    United States United States
    Thuja Trees

    All10 were well packaged and look very healthy. I planted them today.

    Michele L.
    United States United States
    Very Impressed with Thuja Trees!!!

    I just received my order of Thuja Trees! I was so please with their size and health. We got them planted that same afternoon. I will be reordering!