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Phlox Description

Phlox is a native groundcover that adds a great look to your landscape. This pretty groundcover is covered with blooms in spring to summer! The evergreen foliage is lush and deep green with petite, slender leaves.

Avoid mowing! Plant creeping phlox instead of grass in hard to mow areas.

Phlox thrive in full sun and prefer moist, well-drained soil. Phlox tolerate rocky and sandy sites. Fertilize with our slow release fertilizer when planting and in spring for best results. Deadheading isn't necessary, but it can increase blooms and extend bloom time. Phlox are drought tolerant and salt, pollution, and erosion tolerant.

Creeping Phlox are lovely groundcovers that reach about 6 inches tall and 2 feet wide at maturity. These plants have a low, spreading habit that becomes mat-like over time. Plant in mixed beds, rock, woodland, and cottage gardens, containers, low walls, and next to walkways. This phlox cascades like a waterfall over edges and down slopes if you like or trim them for a tight, clean edging. Plant in mass for a bold pop of color and a unique grass substitute. Creeping Phlox is deer resistant.

Drummond's Pink Creeping Phlox has large deep pink flowers

Emerald Blue Creeping Phlox has lavender-blue blooms.

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