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Southern Living Plants

The Southern Living® Plant Collection was introduced in 2008 by Southern Living magazine. The plants are chosen for characteristics that make them hardy in the southern landscape. These carefully selected plants help southern gardeners succeed in their landscape projects. Southern Living® only puts their name on garden plants they truly believe in.
At PlantingTree we are happy to offer Southern Living Plants nationwide! We carry many plants from the Southern Living Plant Collection. Our goal is to make ordering plants online easy! Order from our family owned online garden center by placing your order online or calling 980-444-2353. We will have these amazing, beautiful, tested, and trusted plants shipped right to your doorstep quickly.
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Proven Winners®

No industry is greener than gardening, and Proven Winners is constantly working to refine and improve their offerings for the North American garden and aid the nursery industry in using the best in new plant and production materials. They are committed to doing this by providing the education and service to gardeners everywhere that helps them succeed.

And, from their inception in 1992, Proven Winners has made this same commitment to sustainable production practices in every one of their facilities in order to provide plants that are not only better for gardeners, but that are ultimately better for the environment too.

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Endless Summer® Hydrangeas

The Endless Summer® Collection is the world’s first and best-selling brand of re-blooming hydrangeas. With the introduction of The Original in 2004 by Bailey Nurseries, the world of hydrangeas was revolutionized with this new variety of perennial plants having the ability to bloom on both previous seasons’ growth as well as the current season’s growth. Not only did this allow for the hydrangeas to bloom repeatedly from spring through fall, but also allowed for a greater number of big, beautiful blooms.

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Knock Out® Roses

If like most EVERYONE, you are afraid of roses, you need to try the revolutionary Knock Out® Family of Roses. These easy-to-grow shrub roses will reward you EVERYDAY with a season long show of blooms from spring to frost. With stunning colors to choose from, there are so many ways to enjoy Knock Out® Roses EVERYWHERE in your garden.
The Knock Out® Family of Roses repeat-bloom from spring to frost, creating a stunning show of beautiful flowers! They can fit into any landscape in most climates. Plant them individually as a focal point, among other shrubs, or in large groups to create a colorful hedge. Incorporate perennials and annuals to create a season of color, texture and interest.
The Knock Out® Family of Roses are the most disease resistant roses on the market making them easy to grow. All of the Knock Out® Roses are self-cleaning so there is no need to deadhead.
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Encore Azaleas

Encore Azaleas are hardy evergreen plants that repeat bloom for 3 seasons! They flower in spring, summer, AND fall. These flowering plants are pest and disease resistant and perform well in full sun to part shade. We have a huge selection of these popular dwarf azaleas to choose from. They range in size from 2 to 3 feet to 4 to 5 feet and come in a variety of colors, so you are sure to find the right one for your landscape.
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Black Diamond Crape Myrtle

Black Diamond is a new series of dwarf Crape Myrtles with deep purple to black foliage and a variety of vibrant flower colors. These compact trees or bushes only reach 10 to 12 feet tall and 6 to 8 feet wide at maturity. They are disease resistant and bloom prolifically up until frost.
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Drift Roses

These exclusive roses are a hybrid of miniature roses and groundcover roses. They are hardy from zones 4 to 11, disease resistant, great for erosion control on hills and slopes, super low maintenance, and they repeat bloom from spring through fall. These compact roses are ideal for mixed beds, borders, mass and group plantings, and containers.
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First Editions®

Successful gardens and home landscapes are built around plants that deliver as promised. The First Editions® Collection does just that, fulfilling the promise of tested, hardy, unique, diverse and beautiful plants that will bring your garden to life.
First Editions® is a premium assortment of shrubs, trees, evergreens, vines and perennials that have been carefully Selected for Success. This means that we focus on plants with traits that are unique and that have outstanding performance in the landscape or in containers to beautify your patio or front porch.
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PlantingTree Brand

Organic Planting Mix

If you would like your new plants to grow strong roots, we suggest starting with our Organic Planting Mix. By combining composted cow manure, premium aged pine bark fines, perlite and gypsum to the soil, roots will thrive and your plant will establish much sooner.

Soil high in organic content will hold in more moisture. More moisture for a new plants is crucial to the success of planting. By using our high quality planting mix, your trees and shrubs will become established much quicker.

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Slow-Release Fertilizer

There are so many different types of fertilizers on the market today. We have combined all of the best fertilizers together to offer your a special blend with minor nutrients that will keep your trees, shrubs, and plants constantly growing.
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Tree Stake Kit

• Ensure your tree grows straight from the start!
• Prevents newly established trees from blowing over in a storm.
• Commercial strength supporting trees up to 8 feet tall.
• Contains Arbortie™ to protect your tree from trunk damage.
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Very Berry Fertilizer

Our Very Berry Fertilizer is specially formulated for blueberry bush care and is the ideal blueberry fertilizer to help your Berry plants thrive! Give your Berry plants the boost they need with this plant food. Berry plants need acidic soil to thrive. In neutral soils, they grow poor, if they grow at all, and will often yellow. Be sure to test your soil prior to use and avoid possible overfeeding.
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