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Drift Roses

Drift Roses Description

Drift Roses are a cross between miniature and full-size ground cover roses. These hardy hybrids are disease resistance, low maintenance, and cold hardy. The low, spreading habit of Drift® Roses is perfect for small gardens and containers. These compact roses make beautiful borders and great ground covers.

Enjoy endless re-blooming flowers from spring until frost with this phenomenal series of compact roses.

We have a large selection of these beauties. Choose from the Sweet Drift Rose, the Pink Drift Rose, the Coral Drift Rose, the Peach Drift Rose, the Red Drift Rose, the Popcorn Drift Rose, the Apricot Drift Rose, and the Icy White Drift Rose!

Apricot Drift Rose The Apricot Drift® has a unique color. It's one of our favorites! Each bloom is lush with colorful petals that really attract attention.

Popcorn Drift Rose - Enjoy colorful blooms spring, summer, and fall

Coral Drift Rose - Coral colored roses that mesmerize!

Sweet Drift Rose The Sweet drift rose prefers full sun and moist soil. This rare beauty is petite, hardy and disease resistant.

Pink Drift Rose - Beautiful bright pink blooms with softly faded centers bloom from spring all the way to frost and maintain a natural shape and manageable size.

White Drift Rose - White Drift Roses are a new and improved variety of rose. Created from a blend of miniature roses and full size ground cover roses, you are sure to love the White Drift Rose.

Red Drift Rose - Beautiful red blooms from spring all the way to frost

Peach Drift Rose Enchant your gardens and patios with the Peach Drift® Rose today. It is guaranteed that these peach blossoms can be enjoyed for a long period of time, with minimal maintenance! 

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