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Introduction Ruby Red Blooms Celebrate your Yard! Extremely hardy rose bush Disease resistant! Blooms from spring all the way to frost AND it's a ...

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Sweet Drift Rose

What are Drift Roses?

These exclusive roses are a hybrid of miniature roses and groundcover roses. They are hardy from zones 4 to 11, disease resistant, great for erosion control on hills and slopes, super low maintenance, and they repeat bloom from spring through fall. These compact roses are ideal for mixed beds, borders, mass and group plantings, and containers.

How to Care for Drift Roses

How to Care for Drift Roses

Drift Rose care is extremely easy. Once established they are drought tolerant and very low maintenance. Water is only needed when the ground is very dry for the best growth and blooming. We recommend using a balanced, slow release fertilizer when planting and in spring.

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When to Prune Drift Roses?

Trimming Drift Roses should be done when they are dormant or just starting to come out of dormancy in early spring. Prune dead or broken branches any time of the year

When to Prune Drift Roses?
How to Prune Drift Roses

How to Prune Drift Roses

Pruning Drift Roses is not necessary, but it can help your roses be stronger and grow more vigorously, and even have improved blooming. Prune back the entire rose bush by ½ before it comes out of dormancy in spring. Read more.

How to Plant Drift Roses

Dig a hole about twice the width and as deep as the root ball. Be sure that your rose plant is level and slightly above the existing soil line. Backfill the soil, water well, and apply a layer of mulch. Water once daily for the first week.

How to Plant Drift Roses

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