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Jane Magnolia Tree

Jane Magnolia Tree

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Introduction Perfect Petite Magnolia with Vivid Color! Large, Purple-pink, tulip-shaped flowers you will adore Small tree or large shrub All the b...

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You can’t find a quintessentially more southern tree that the Magnolia. Beautiful, shiny leaved trees with big, bold, fragrant blooms comprise this hardy group of trees and shrubs. Magnolias are widely known for being deer resistant, low maintenance, and adaptable. They are also pest and disease resistant as well as salt and pollution tolerant. There are a variety of sizes and planting zone preferences within this family so you are sure to find one that is right for you!

The compact Jane Magnolia has dark green, waxy leaves are that offer excellent texture and beauty. But the star of the show are gorgeous tulip-shaped flowers.These large, fragrant blooms are pink to purple with a hint of red on the outside and white on the inside. Jane Magnolias bloom in spring and often rebloom throughout summer. 

A dwarf version of the Southern Magnolia, the Little Gem has a lot to live up to...and it does and so much more! This compact dynamo boast large, aromatic flowers you can enjoy for months! With blooms from spring through summer, this petite, flowering evergreen won’t disappoint. Enjoy the Magnolia you have always wanted, but didn’t have the room for with this stunning Little Gem!

The Royal Star Magnolia touts unique lacy, star-shaped blossoms that have a subtly sweet scent. This small tree only reaches 15 feet at maturity and can grow almost anywhere in the United States. The Royal Star Magnolia is the hardiest of the Star magnolias. This tree is lovely as a focal tree, but plant a small grouping to have your neighbors oohing and awing!

The Southern Magnolia is the standard of the group. A large evergreen tree with huge, fragrant blooms, you can’t miss the sight or the aroma of a majestic Southern Magnolia. This striking beauty offers huge impact in a single tree.

The Sweetbay Magnolia is a magnificent tree that demands admiration. Gorgeous, white, blooms open in spring and summer revealing a lovely, sweet, lemon scent. Bright green leaves with a silvery back shimmer and shine as the wind blows. Red seeds and fuzzy seed pods add color, depth, and interest. The Sweetbay Magnolia is semi-evergreen. 

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