Gardenias Description

Gardenias are a great way to add fragrance and beauty to your garden or home, Gardenias are evergreen shrubs with strong, sweet-scented flowers. These shrubs are low maintenance and easy to grow.

You truly won’t find a more beautiful hedge that one created with August Beauty Gardenias. Shiny, perfect looking leaves catch your eye while large, lush, white blooms catch your eyes and nose. These gardenias are also lovely for mass plantings. Their blooms last up to 3 months!

Worried about freezing temps damaging buds and reducing flowers? Then the Frostproof Gardenia is perfect for you. This hardy variety is also insect resistant and deer tolerant. Beautiful as a hedge, a mass planting or a focal point, the Frostproof Gardenia is versatile in the landscape.

The compact Jubilation™ Gardenia is perfect for containers, or small hedges. The mature size of this evergreen shrub is a mere 2-3 feet by 2-3 feet. The flowers bloom all summer. The Jubilation™ is low maintenance and will beautify any yard from the smallest to the largest.

The dwarf Kleim's Hardy Gardenia is great for slopes, borders, and containers. This tough Gardenia is low maintenance and disease resistant.

Check out our blog post on When to Prune Flowering Shrubs.

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