Oak Trees

A classic shade tree, the Oak, brings wildlife to your yard for food and shelter. Fast growing, but non-invasive these native trees add to the environment and your landscape. With their distinct, lobed leaves and acorns, Oak trees are easily recognizable. Great for lining a large driveway or as a single focal tree, this group of popular shade trees are in high demand. Resilient and reliable, Oak trees live for hundreds of years and are no maintenance once established!

The Northern Red Oak is adaptable, tolerant, and very easy to grow. Considered a national treasure, you will be proud to add this large, oak tree to your yard. And, you definitely cannot beat the fiery red fall foliage!

At heights over 80 feet, the Shumard Oak is a substantial tree. The fastest growing red oak, you will enjoy the cool shade in no time with this lovely shade tree. The Shumard Oak is hardy and extremely tolerant and adaptable.

You get all the perks of traditional, tough Oak trees with the Willow Oak. But with unique foliage that resembles willow leaves, the Willow Oak tree stands out in the landscape. Vibrant copper and yellow, the fall foliage of this oak is striking!