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Arborvitae Trees

Arborvitae Trees Description

Arborvitae trees and Thujas trees also known as Arborvitaes are low maintenance, versatile, evergreen trees that range from small to large in size.

Thujas have reddish-brown bark and their soft, delicate scale-like leaves are arranged into fan shaped branchlets. This group of evergreens are mildly aromatic and soft to the touch. Thujas are most often used for hedges or privacy screens, large and small, short and tall. However, these gorgeous, hardy trees are lovely accent trees to add a little zing to your yard as a single focal tree or a few staggered throughout your landscape.

Because of its hardiness, rapid growth, and minimal maintenance requirements, the Thuja Green Giant is an extremely popular evergreen and privacy tree. Growing about 4 feet a year, this superstar will filter out everything you don’t want to see and fast!

Emerald Green Thujas are the stunning little sister of the Green Giant. If you are looking for a similar tree, but you have a smaller space, the Emerald Green is a perfect choice. This variety is a showy evergreen with a full, lacy look. While big brother, Green Giant, shows off with rapid growth, little sis, Emerald Green, shows off with a delicate, almost feminine flair that will have everyone admiring your new landscape addition!

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