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Leyland Cypress

Leyland Cypress

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Introduction Our Top Selling Privacy Tree! Can grow 3-5 ft a year! Creates a beautiful living fence Quickly block out what you don't want to see M...

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Cypress Trees Description

Cypress Trees are aromatic, evergreen, coniferous trees that have flattened shoots bearing small, scalelike leaves. This group is diverse and has unique members that barely resemble each other so you’ll definitely want to look at each type individually.

The Sapphire Cypress is a unique, blue tree that is drought tolerant as well as deer, disease and pest resistant. This tree is a stunner as a focal tree or a funky hedge or privacy screen. And the best’s a fast grower too!

Make a statement all the while maintaining a stunning elegance with the Italian Cypress. Talk about a show stopper; the Italian Cypress is a living column! Perfect for customers with narrow spaces and small yards that want a tree that will provide year round impact and increase property value!

If you are looking for a large evergreen that will provide instant gratification look no further than the Leyland Cypress. This hardy, drought tolerant, fast grower has been a landscape staple for years! A perfect living fence that will quickly hide everything you don’t want to see! Oh, and it’s virtually maintenance free!

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