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Loquat Tree

Eriobotrya japonica
    1 review
Loquat Tree
Loquat Tree
Loquat Tree
Loquat Tree
Loquat Tree
Loquat Tree
Images shown are of mature plants.

Loquat Tree

Eriobotrya japonica
    1 review

Grow loquat fruit in your own backyard! The loquat tree is an evergreen tree that has attractive orange fruit.

  • Grow Your Own Organic Loquats at Home!
  • Healthy Fruit with Endless Health Benefits
  • Showy, Fragrant Blossoms in Fall or Winter.
  • Easy to Grow and Low Maintenance!
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Grow loquat fruit in your own backyard! The loquat tree is an evergreen tree that has attractive orange fruit. These tropical fruit trees bloom in fall or early winter. Loquat fruits are usually ripe from early spring to early summer. Loquat trees are very easy to grow and require no maintenance once they are established.

Loquats are also called Japanese plums, Chinese plums, Japanese medlar, pipa, and nespolo. This tasty fruit is juicy and has a sweet flavor. Think apricot meets plum meets cherry. Yum! You are going to love the loquat tree and its fruit!

Key Features:

  • The loquat tree serves dual purposes! This fruit tree is an attractive evergreen tree for your landscape and it provides fruit for you and your family. Loquats are healthy fruit.
  • They are low calorie and contain vitamin A, several B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and fiber. These fruits are reported to have many health benefits including boosting immunity.
  • This fruit tree is low maintenance. Once it is established it is drought tolerant and requires minimal maintenance. This tropical tree is unique.
  • You will love the showy fragrant blooms in fall or winter and delicious fruit in spring to summer! Buy a loquat tree today before they are gone! This evergreen fruit tree is a must have for gardeners in growing zones 7b and up.
Caring for Loquat Tree

Plant Loquat trees in full sun in USDA growing zones 7b to 10. They are adaptable to most soil types.

Water deeply when planting and a couple times weekly for the first 2 to 3 months. Once established, loquat trees are drought tolerant.

Feed your loquat tree once yearly in summer with a balanced slow release fertilizer.

Pruning loquat trees isn’t necessary, but it can keep your tree more compact and manageable. Prune after your Loquat tree is done producing fruit for the year. Simply cut back every branch to the desired height/length. Do not prune off more than ⅓ of your tree at one time.

Harvest loquat fruit when it is ripe in late winter to early summer. Harvest time varies depending on your climate.

Landscape ideas

Plant anywhere there is plenty of sun. This evergreen tree provides year-round interest so we think the front yard is a great spot for this distinctive fruit tree! This tropical fruit tree makes a great ornamental tree for large mixed beds and unique gardens.

growing zone 7-10
This plant thrives in your zone This plant doesn't thrive in your zone (Shipping to a friend?
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Growing Zones 7-10
Shipping Restriction AZ, CA
Soil Type Adaptable
Sunlight Full
Drought Tolerance Good
Mature Height 15-20 Feet
Mature Width 10-15 Feet

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