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How To Protect Plants From Insects & Disease

There are some simple ways to protect your plants and reduce the chances of pests and disease. By performing some basic maintenance and caring for your plants they will be more healthy. Healthy plants are less likely to be affected by insects and disease.
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Top 10 Japanese Maple Tree Varieties

In this article we cover the top 10 varieties of Japanese Maple trees and their features. Before you make a decision, check out the various types and which one would suit you best.
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Magnolia Tree Types | A Southern Staple and More

The Magnolia tree is much more that a southern staple. There are several magnolias that can grow almost anywhere in the US! These stunning trees offer big, beautiful blooms with fantastic fragrance in a variety of shapes and sizes. Magnolias are...

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How To Plant Palm Trees

The mere sight of palm trees conjures up thoughts of warm weather, sunny days, and tropical beaches. And this immediately makes us relax and unwind! There are many palm trees to choose from whether you want to grow them indoors or out. They make great patio plants in warm and cool climates. Palm trees can also bring the tropics indoors in any home. Planting palm trees is a snap if you follow a few simple steps.
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Easiest Fruit Trees To Grow

Growing fruit in our yards or even in our homes is an exciting proposition. Being able to observe and have control over the growing and care process allows us to grow healthy fruit free of harmful chemicals. But growing fruit isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Many fruit trees require pruning and, oftentimes, spraying for pests and disease. So, what are the easiest fruit trees to grow?
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Most Colorful Maple Trees

Maple trees are some of the most popular ornamental and shade trees and for good reason. They are easy to grow, requiring little to no maintenance once they are established. They are also exceptionally beautiful. The most colorful maple trees are Japanese maples and red maples. These maple tree varieties have exceptional color throughout the year or in fall. Find out our top picks.
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How Fast Do Redbud Trees Grow

Redbud trees are beautiful flowering trees that mesmerize us with their stunning sweetpea like blooms that thoroughly cover the canopy of these trees in early spring. They also boast pretty heart-shaped leaves. Most redbud trees are large enough to provide some nice shade, but small enough to comfortably fit in a small yard. There are also some amazingly gorgeous dwarf redbuds that are perfect for the smallest spaces. These pretty trees are very adaptable and easy to grow. Once established, they rarely require maintenance. They grow fairly fast for a smaller tree but this varies between the types of redbuds.
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Dwarf Magnolia Trees

Ahhhh, magnolia trees. They are beautiful, fragrant, and majestic. The large scented blooms are stunning and make these trees highly sought after. Did you know that magnolia trees are ancient? They have been around for millions and millions of years. This explains why these flowering trees are so hardy and adaptable. Many magnolia trees grow to immense heights, but most of us can’t fit these huge trees in our yards. Enter dwarf magnolia trees. Get your magnolia fix in a compact package perfect for your yard.
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Drought Resistant Plants

Drought tolerant plants are a big deal. Gardeners love them. They save us time and money. States like California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah need them. 
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