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Planting Trees In Summer | Is it Safe To Plant?

Planting Trees In Summer | Is it Safe To Plant?

It is drilled in to us from the day we start gardening that we must plant in spring or fall when the temperature is mild.  So, what's the real scoop?  Is planting trees in summer really that bad?  The short answer is heck no, it sure isn't.  As long as you take appropriate care of your treasured green gardens and blooming beauties they will do just fine with summer planting.  Do water...a lot.  Don't forget to water!

frozen looking guyDid you know in some areas, especially you chilly zones like 2, 3, 4, and 5, planting in summer is even better than fall planting?! Since you give your tree more time to establish before winter, it is more likely to survive harsh winter deep freezes.  Yep, it's true!  For these zones where the winter chill is the number one plant killer, summer planting is a good thing!  Do plant in summer especially in cold growing zones 2 to 5.  I'm looking at you northern central and eastern states!

So, Jill, what about us warm zones and everyone in-between?  I won't tell you summer planting is ideal in growing zones 9 to 11, but what about planting trees in summer or even in tropical climates?  Yes, you can.  Spring and fall are better in this case, but that doesn't mean you can't plant in summer even where it's extra hot.  Florida and California, holla!


planting-trees-in-summerIt is about as simple as water.  Yep.  For the most part if you water well you can easily and successfully plant trees, shrubs, and perennials in summer.  Water deeply every other day for the first few weeks.  After this time reduce to about 2-3 times per week depending on your climate, soil, etc.  The goal after planting in summer is to not allow the ground to completely dry out and at the same time avoid a heavily saturated soil,   The solution for many is water a little bit every day.  But this isn't what is best for your plants. Don't water small amounts every day.  Do water deeply less often.  This allows the roots to grow deep and establish quickly and properly.  You end up with a healthy and sturdy tree in the long run with this type of watering.  You can use irrigation systems if you like, but for at least the first month you still want to do these deep waterings independently or in addition to drip irrigation.


If at all possible, try to pick a week that will stay below 90 degrees for best results when planting in the summer.


Do use mulch!  Any mulch - well maybe not gross dyed mulch, but any other decent mulch.  Don't use dyed mulch, especially black.  Think about how you feel in the sun when wearing a black shirt versus a lighter colored shirt.  Got it? We want to keep the roots as cool as possible, not heat them up. Mulch helps hold in moisture and maintain soil temps and keeps away pesky weeds that steal moisture and nutrients from your plant.  Do keep mulch at least a few inches from the trunk of your tree or low branches of your shrub to avoid disease and pest problems associated with this common gardening mistake.

Is it Safe to Order Plants Online in the Summer?

Yes!  Well - at least from us here at the The PlantingTree anyway.  We do everything we can to protect your plants in shipping.  We often hold orders for a few days to avoid plants sitting over the weekend.  And we do guarantee that your plants will arrive safe and sound so if you have any problems with your order upon deliver simply let us know and we will take care of you!

Planting trees that are shipped is a little different than picking up from your local nursery especially in the summer.  Do get your plants out of the box and watered as soon as possible.  If you are only a 1 or 2 day ship this probably isn't necessary, but plants that go through longer ship times will do best if you slowly move them into sun.  Remember these plants have been in a dark box.  Moving them straight into full midday hot sun isn't ideal.  Plants can get sun burnt; it is called sun scorch.  So take a few days to go slowly from shade to sun.  Of course, if you are planting in shade or part shade, you can plant immediately.

Planting Trees in Summer: Yes You Can!

As you can now see with only a bit of extra care and water you can successfully plant and grow in the summer!  Don't wait until fall!  Do plant now!  And don't forget WATER WATER WATER...and do it right!!

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