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Pruning Knock Out Roses | How To Guide

February 8, 2022 Jill Raver
Filed in: Shrub Information

If you're new to pruning Knock Out Roses, don't worry.  The Knock Out Rose bush is the most popular rose bush for sale today because it flowers for 3 seasons.  Here we will explain Pruning Knock Out Roses so that you can enjoy even more blooms!

The best time to prune your rose bush is in early spring before the new growth starts leafing out.

Start off by using a good pair of gloves.  Rose thorns are difficult to remove so be careful and take your time.  You will need a good pair of hand pruners or if your rose bushes are large, you will need a pair of loppers.  Loppers have much longer handles and are ideal for this task. Pruning Knock Out Roses is very easy to do but it will require some patience. 

Prune off the existing growth down to about one foot off of the ground.  Also, thin out the branches so that you leave about 6-8 main branches.  Remove any branches that are touching each other or crossing paths.


knock-out-roses-pruningBy pruning your Knock Out Roses, your strengthening the Knock Out Rose to hold all of the growth throughout the year.  If you don't prune your roses, they may become too top heavy.  Also, pruning in early spring will make your Knock Out Roses full of blooms!  Why does this happen?  Its because in the fall and winter months, plants will store all their energy in their roots.  When the top of the plant is minimized, thus pruning, there is more energy than needed.  This is when the rose bush takes off in the spring and pushes out tons of flowers.  The extra flowers are a result of its stored energy.  So by pruning Knock Out Roses, you making a stronger rose bush and enhance flowering.

Fertilizing Knock Out Roses

fertilizing-knock-out-rosesYour rose bushes will benefit from a feeding. We recommend a high quality slow release fertilizer which we also carry and it also has minor nutrients.

We also recommend a systemic insect control when fertilizing Knock Out Roses.  A system insect control works very well for rose bushes.  The insecticide will be absorbed by the root system and then translocated inside the plant.  Why is this good?  Because when Japanese Beetles are out, they will start to eat your roses but not for long.  They will be protected due the systemic insecticide.  There is a catch, this treatment must be done early spring.  It will take at least a month to be absorbed into the plant.  This treatment will also prevent any aphids that feed on roses.

Using a slow release fertilizer and a systemic insect control, your rose bushes will stay healthy and keep blooming.

Please see the video below on pruning Knock Out Roses.

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