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Growing Roses in Pots

Growing Roses in Pots
Roses are adored flowering plants. There are so many different types, varieties, and colors. Newer varieties like Knock Out Roses bloom for 3 seasons and are definitely a knockout in pots. Drift Roses are perfect for hanging baskets and mixed containers. These miniature ground cover rose bushes look great in containers and offer months of blooms. Your options are endless. For those of us who can’t plant in the ground or just like the look of potted roses, growing roses in pots is a great option. With minimal care you can have happy, healthy rose bushes in containers and a look you’ll absolutely love.

Best Rose Container

Pick a size or 2 larger than the pot your rose comes in. A 2 gallon pot is a good option when you start with a 1 gallon plant, especially for a miniature or dwarf rose. This size that offers plenty of space to grow without going too big and causing problems for your rose bush. A standard 2 gallon pot is about 9 inches tall and wide. For a Knock Out or similar size rose a 3 gallon pot is a good option when repotting a 1 gallon plant and a 5 or 7 gallon container when repotting a 3 gallon plant. The most important part is being sure that the container you choose has several holes for good drainage. You will want to up-pot as needed and freshen up the soil every 2 to 3 years.

Pro Tip: Drift Roses probably won't need a container much larger than 3 or 5 gallons (12 inches tall) at full size, but Knock Out Roses will require a pot closer to 10 gallons (preferably 18 to 24 inches tall) at full maturity.
Best Rose Container
Use a good quality potting mix like this Organic Planting Mix when growing roses in pots. You want something that drains well and is nutrient rich.
growing roses in pots
Check the soil of your rose bush often. When growing roses in pots always keep in mind that the soil will dry out faster than with roses growing in the ground. Test the soil by sticking your finger in about 1 or 2 inches to test the moisture. When the planting medium feels dry go ahead and water your rose bush deeply with a hose at the base of the plant. Watering over the leaves increases the chance of fungal infections. So avoid overhead watering at all costs.
pruning roses
Prune lightly anytime to maintain shape, deadhead, or freshen up your rose bush. If heavy pruning is required do this in early spring. Rose bushes, like Knock Out Roses are invigorated by heavy pruning back to about 12 inches or even less from the ground. Drift Roses can be left alone or pruned back about halfway in early spring.
Plants grown in containers need more fertilizer than plants in the ground. Feed roses at least twice a year with our Slow Release Fertilizer. Early spring and mid to late summer are ideal times to fertilize rose bushes with this particular fertilizer.

Growing Roses in Pots: Winter Care

growing roses in pots

When growing roses in pots in the coldest recommended growing zone for your particular rose tree, protect them in the winter by moving them into an unheated garage or shed. Plants in containers do not have the root protection that plants in the ground have so they are not as cold hardy. Example: If your rose is recommended for zones 5 and up it is more like 6 and up for growing in a pot with full outdoor year-round exposure.

Pro Tips:

  • If you protect the roots, you protect the plant.
  • Potted plants that are closer to your home are more protected than those that aren’t.
  • Keeping your plants watered during the harshest temperatures in winter actually protects them. Water freezes, and cannot get colder, but air can.
  • Pots can be insulated with blankets, mulch, straw, and even soil.

Now you know all about Growing Roses in Pots. Browse our Rose Bushes and get planting!
Knock Out Roses are an immensely popular collection of shrub roses. These stunning roses bloom almost nonstop for 3 seasons! Because they are disease and pest resistant and don’t require deadheading, Knockout Roses are much easier to care for than standard roses. These roses are beautiful in mixed beds and borders. Try a group planting or hedge for huge impact and loads of color.
We offer several Knock Out® Rose bush varieties including Double Knock Out Rose, Pink Double Knock Out Rose, Coral Knock Out Rose, Sunny Knock Out Rose, White Knock Out Rose, Blushing Knock Out Rose, as well as Knock Out Rose Trees, Double Knock Out Rose Tree, Blushing Knock Out Rose Tree, Coral Knock Out Tree Rose, Pink Knock Out Rose Tree, Sunny Knock Out Rose Tree, and White Knock Out Rose Tree.

Learn more about Knock Out Roses Care.
More on Drift Roses
These flowering bushes are a cross between miniature roses and full-size ground cover roses. These hardy hybrids are disease resistance, low maintenance, and cold hardy. The low, spreading habit of Drift Roses is perfect for small gardens and containers. These compact roses make beautiful borders and great groundcovers and even help control erosion. Enjoy endless re-blooming flowers in a variety of colors from spring until frost with this phenomenal series of dwarf roses.
We have a large selection of Drift Roses including Sweet Drift Rose, Pink Drift Rose, Coral Drift Rose, Peach Drift Rose, Red Drift Rose, Popcorn Drift Rose, Apricot Drift Rose, and White Drift Rose! Shop our online plant nursery today!

Learn more about Drift Rose Care.
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