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How to Plant Shrubs

When to Plant Shrubs
Shrubs or bushes are woody plants. They can be evergreen or deciduous and either of these types can bloom. Shrubs range in size from dwarf to large and everything in between. We use landscape shrubs for a variety of purposes. These plants are used in foundation plantings, hedges, privacy screens, mixed beds, group and mass plantings and much more. They add beauty, color, texture and even privacy to our yards. Read on to learn How to Plant Shrubs and more!

When to Plant Shrubs

Spring and fall are the best seasons to plant shrubs. For cooler areas, plant at least 6 weeks prior to the ground freezing to give your newly planted shrub some time to acclimate and establish. In climates where winter is mild, it is a great time to plant. Summer planting is fine in regions where the heat isn’t severe. Just be sure to keep the soil moist.

How to Plant Shrubs: The Steps

Step 1: Keep your potted shrub watered well until you are able to plant it.
Step 2: Dig your hole. The hole should be about twice as wide as the root ball of your shrub.
Step 3: Put your shrub in the hole. The top of the root ball should sit very slightly higher than the existing soil line to avoid planting too deep.
Step 4: Backfill the soil and gently tamp it down with your hands to remove any air pockets.
Step 5: Water your shrub deeply at the base with a hose. Let the hose run until the ground is thoroughly saturated.
Step 6: Apply a 1 to 2 inch mound of mulch around your shrub. This will protect the roots and reduce watering needs. It also had the added benefit of keeping weeds away.
How to Plant Shrubs

What to Avoid When Planting Shrubs

• Avoid planting too deep. This causes health problems for your plants and ultimately even death. Always make sure the top of the root ball is slightly higher than the soil line and never lower than the soil line.

• Avoid planting in heavily compacted soil like clay without tilling and amending. You can till the soil at least a few inches lower than where the plant will sit to help the roots penetrate faster. You can amend the soil with compost and organic planting mix up to 50%. Remember your plant will have to acclimate to your native soil so never use less that 50% of the existing soil when amending.

• Avoid under watering. Over watering is very hard to do when a plant is newly planted. Newly planted shrubs should be watered deeply every day for the first week and at least twice a week for the first month after planting. Deep watering helps the roots grow properly.

Now that you know How to Plant Shrubs, check out our planting directions for more info. Browse our huge collection of Shrubs.


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